Matt Hancock

Is he now actually the only cabinet minister who can safely be wheeled out to spin May's line?  Seems everyone else is keeping very very low....

It was quite amusing seeing him trying to justify the Brexit Secretary commending a government motion to the house and then voting against it.

Was the reason "yeah his speechwriter knocked off at 5 and it was too late to make any changes"?

Heh. I saw that clip on Twitter of Hancock saying it was still possible to leave the EU with a deal on 29th March. Someone replied, "It is technically possible to bend time and space."

Even Theresa May doesn't believe we will leave the EU with a deal on 29th March which is why she wants an extension to 30th June even if Parliament approves her deal next week (and pigs might fly).

And Barclay should resign - future historians will marvel at how the Brexit policy could commend a key government Brexit policy to the house and then vote against it.  Disgraceful, disingenuous, dishonest.  Fvck off.

I thought Barclay was chosen precisely because he almost never rebels against the government.

What a moment to start.

His excuse is that it was a free vote but that is no excuse when you are the minister in charge of the very fvcking policy you are voting against.