Massive regression on RoF

Throw's Pearson's product moment correlation coefficient (r) to establish a measure of linear association between the two variables, where r² is the proportion of the total variance (s²) of Y that can be explained by the linear regression of Y on x, and 1-r² is the proportion that is not explained by the regression. Thus 1-r² = s²xY / s²Y.

Oh my God the apostrophe.

The shame

The shame


Infamy, infamy, they've all got it in for me.

Kills self with Spearman's Rank Rule

Are you telling us that 1-Rs = linear aggression in your Y-front?

I had to do a whole year of my degree in the maths faculty to pass a mandatory statistics ancillary course early on and it has left scars but that is the standard definition of Pearson's R

Student's T test always caused a snigger too (two sugars please m8)

Next, mutters will solve the Riemann hypothetis.  3, 2, - go!

It's a hypothesis so cannot be solved but it can be proved.

I just read the Rieman hypothesis. Twice.

I still don't know what it is.

The Riemann zeta function ζ(s) is a function whose argument s may be any complex number other than 1, and whose values are also complex.

Can you have a complex number other than 1 which doesn't have complex values?

I mean seriously.  However much stick lawyers get for jargon, statmaticians should get more.  ow much more, I am not sure.  There was a formula, but it was written in greek and gibberish.  Theta complex argon ringpiece to the power of boron times more.


I read Du Sautoy's book on it Fool.  One of those ones that's absolutely fascinating but then you get to the end and are like "eh?"

There is nothing odder than the English superstition that you can be innumerate and yet still claim to be well-educated.  

I was not making that claim.


Just to be clear, this was a prolif combined with a moment of arrogant self-regard.

not being able to solve/prove the Riemann hypothesis doesnt make one innumerate.  no1 has ever done it.  

Did some fellow in the university of Bristol not do it a couple of years ago?



Yes. some famous maths fellow said in 2017 he had done it, but that he will show everyone his workings 'in a while'.

Germans? What was I thinking? That's someone else completely.