Married rofites

Honesty survey out of sheer noseyness/trepidation at what I've got to look forward to:


Rough age: 

Length of marriage: 

Number of children:

Frequency of sex:




Age: mid thirties

Length of marriage: 4 years

Number of children:  One toddler, one baby

Frequency: 3-4 times a week, depending on tiredness


Well threep would appear to have done it 3-4 times since then. 

3-4 x a weeks  - when he has  a toddler and a baby.

Clearly Threepers has several randy mistresses on the go...

if you have a toddler and a baby and you are getting any sex at all then well played

3-4 times a week is astonishing unless you're going for no.3 

What Heff said. Apparently less than 10x p/y counts as a sexless marriage.

What Heff and MH said. Does your missus know you're getting it so often?

I should have clarified: number of times a week you have sex with your husband/wife

Rough age: older than you

Length of marriage: 16 years

Number of children: 3

Frequency of sex: what is this "sex" of which you write?

We are not married, together 4 years, older than you, none of our numerous children are mutual and we have sex a lot. 

And yes I'm incredibly smug 

If no sex do you at least maintain some physical intimacy?

Never would have guessed Hoolie, you never mention it ;)

Well then Hoolie thanks for playing but this thread is not for you.

What diff does being married make tho? Lots of people cohabit 


Rough age: early forties

Length of marriage:  2x4 (give or take)

Number of children: 4

Frequency of sex: with ex wives? not at all.



Coz I reckon that fewer unmarried couples would stay together forever with v little action

Do you really think married couples stay together without sex? Not in my experience they don't. They get divorced it's one of the main reasons 

Rough age: over 56

Length of marriage: over 30 years

Number of children: 3

Frequency of sex: sometimes 2x a week, sometimes none for 2-3 weeks

Well done stay together and some get divorced. I doubt your poll will tell you what you'd do, which is what you want to know presumably 

Do you really think married couples stay together without sex? Not in my experience they don't. 

I'd say mismatched libidos are a more common reason. It's possible for couples who are borderline asexual to have a happy marriage.

Good stuff Marshall.  I did lol@"over 56" though.  So, 57?