Marina Hyde

Is a national fucking treasure

Check your notes we did this uber-privileged WASP last week.

She would not be friends with anyone called Linda, way too common.

God is there anything you're right about? Google the name idiot 

Ok will do.

I just googled Linda and got Linda Lusardi. 

Is she posh?

"mate: you are 55 – FIFTY-FIVE – years old. How, how can you possibly still be wanking on about any of this, in public, as though it was still the best thing you’ve ever done? Can it really be because it was? [Spoiler: yes.]"



To be fair I did say last week she was pretty funny. For a guardian columnist.

I'm flattered that you felt you had to make that  clear. 

Isn’t she the daughter of an earl or something? I’d have thought you’d heart her 

I can't stand her. Why she has such a chip on her shoulder about Eton I can't imagine, unless it's because her aristocratic forebears lacked the wherweithall to pass the entrance exam. 

She is literally the worst sort of person. 

Power and influence without responsibility.

The benefit of a luxurious upbringing without any sense of noblesse oblige.

Knowledge without wisdom. 

I like her more now that I’ve seen what she looks like.  Attractive in the sort of posh English way that is almost designed specifically to wind up clergham.  I approve.

Dux I can only assume you find her insights into a certain kind of English man intolerable to bear

the boris column was sublime - the less/fewer thing *chefs kiss*

I would rather have a 1917 style Revolution and get rid of all these people entirely, than be governed by their supercillious dregs, with their undisguised disdain for working class people and culture, coupled with their equal disdain for all the positive values and morality of their own class.  

Dux you are the least working class person I've ever met 

she has zero disdain for the working class and if you'd ever read anything she writes youd know it. 

Most working class people would give an arm and a leg for the benefit of an education from a wonderful school like Eton. That she can sit and write this dross,  effectively mocking those benefits of a classical education, and by implication anyone who aspires to it, is sickening. 

Dux has finessed and elevated the thinking on Hyde to a new high watermark. Boss man.

So what? I don't purport to be working class. But nor do I mock their values, as she routinely does. Nor do I mock the values of the traditional upper class, which once upon a time actually respected the working person, rather than patronised them in cheap newspaper articles. 

The less/ fewer thing was very good. I imagine she cribbed it from some wag at a dinner party last week in Ladbroke Grove but even so still good.

She is so clearly not mocking education and you know it. This is all very fascist playbook 



Nobody's a "victim". She however is a despicable human being.