Marina Hyde

She complains of "18th century inbreds", presumably a veiled insult against the English aristocracy.

"Hyde is the daughter of Sir Alastair Edgcumbe James Dudley-Williams and Diana Elizabeth Jane Duncan, and the granddaughter of aviation pioneer and Conservative politician Sir Rolf Dudley-Williams."


Dux your socially-regressive position is only one corner-stone of your inherent absurdity, obvs, but would you like to explain why MH is prevented from writing about just what she wants? Do you think that society should in fact evolve and progress - given your championing of "the people" and, hilariously, Labour? Go on, give us a laugh. Show your working.

Her rather infantile insults towards the upper classes are fine, but for the fact she appears to be one herself.

What's your point? That she should travel back in time and meddle with her own family tree before she's allowed to write anything about the British upper classes? Get the milkman to upduff her grandmother?

Consistently good on politics, show business, general punditry and (I am told) association football.

Also not at all unattractive.

The only thing that I can find to say against her is that when she was a junior reporter she was ver briefly Piers Morgan’s girlfriend.

Or how about...just not throw insults at people on the basis of characteristics they can't help?

Reading Marina Hyde and John Crace (both at the graun) are what keeps me sane these days.

Sir Rolf was a recent appointment, probably by Blair, - nouveau

riche  not 18th  Century