Mandela Effect Moment
Cheradenine Zakalwe 10 Jul 19 11:03
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Its been announced today that the actor Rip Torn has passed away. I'm 100% certain that he passed away shortly after MIB2 (and hence he didn't appear in subsequent films). I even recall googling who he was when I (thought) I'd heard the news of his death...

<dons tin foil hat>

"Mandela Effect " ???


PS - who is Rip Torn?  is that even a real name?


I was reading his obit this morning, lots more entertaining back story going on than I thought. He apparently was fired from Easy Rider for pulling a knife on Dennis Hopper. He then sued Hopper for $1/2m saying that it was Hopper who pulled the knife (and won).

Later he was arrested after breaking into a bank and falling asleep. His defence, which was accepted, was that he thought he was breaking into his own house.

And he was Patches O'Houlihan. 

RIP Rip laugh

yeah, what ZG said

he was in dodgeball which was post MIB by 2 years

His key role was as Maax in The Beastmaster though.

On the Mandela Effect/False Memory stuff, tho - isn't it about time we accepted that Leave winning is a prime example of this, and we just quietly dropped the whole thing?

Henceforth, if anyone says the name "Farage", the only response should be "who?"

Surely his greatest role was that of Patches O Houlihan in Dodgeball.

"You're about as useful as a cock flavoured lolly pop".

RIP Rip.