Making the next generation of alt-righter

It's too late for our own resident racists, but if you have kids (particularly boys) please read this thread:

yawners. Sounds like it could be taken from the mission statement of evergreen college

Fuck me that is one of the biglyist piles of shite I have ever seen on Twitter and Twitter is 95% pilesof shit. 


Yes dear. John Oliver is the man to save the white working class 

IF anyone with a real human child reads that and thinks its a good idea in any way, they should have those children put into care. 


god almighty shoot me now. tried reading it, almost fell asleep


Woke mummy is going to get a shock when her kids red pill her.

To be fair, all of you lot above are going to end up with shitty kids no matter what you do.

May I ask how many of the posters above have teenage sons?

I have an almost teenage son and I have older two quasi step sons 


I have an almost teenage son and I have older two quasi step sons 



Any thoughts on the original post?

I had already seen the linked twitter - I think the answer to almost everything to do with children is to talk to them about stuff. If you're the kind of person that tweet reached naturally you probably already do. 

tweets don;t reach people naturally, they reach people in exactly the same way as the content that author is scared of is reaching her soon to be white supremacist sons.

What a crock of sh1t. How long before the Prince of Wokeness jumps on the bandwagon?

HEr biog....


Writer, editor & media critic with a special focus on gender in the media. Comics nerd, mountain biker, snow & ocean-loving mom of three


Should Read: - 

Writer, editor & media critic with a special focus on gender in the media. Comics nerd, mountain biker, snow & ocean going snowflake cunt

Woke mummy's kids are 100 % gonna be violent pimps or mass shooters. 

Alt-right trolls and telegraph readers think it's not a thing. Funny. 

Even if it was a thing - the advise and twitter teede is utter shite. 


Thanks Lindaradlette

Personally I am still undecided on the premise of her very long tweets. It is interesting though that noone here (for or against) wants to state whether they have a teenage son or not. I think it makes a huge difference. I recall, reading something similar about muslim parents who could not understand why/how their kids were being radicalised and their failure to find a way to stop it. 

I have teenage children. 

They are annoyingly woke and the internets is not making them far right in the least. 



I am increasingly finding that ethics and values of the younger generation are very different from my generation. Things that I simply accepted as part of life, they do not. Things that were offensive and unacceptable to me, they find totally acceptable. It is how the world is. 

Some teens are woke (those calling out the easily led ones thinking this is just lulz). 


I've got a much younger brother. His facebook is a real eye-opener. 


The same way as microtargetted ads were a cornerstone of UKIP and the ERG, young men are targeted with this, and then share it for free. It's probably too subtle to those already caught in the net. 



I do agree with elements of the alt-right argument about certain things that are perfectly harmless are now considered morally reprehensible. That does seem true.

I just read an interesting article about the Googler who was fired for being a republican and expressing the view that diversity programmes are not meritocratic and should not be used in recruitment. There is some validity to that POV I think and he shouldn't have been shut down for expressing it.

Personal anecdote is I was recently at a party at my sister's house in London and all of the metropolitan elite was there expressing all their woke opinions and I mentioned, stupidly, in front of a load of feminists that there is a sexist term used a lot where I work that is 'yardfit' - someone is 'yardfit' if they look attractive in the context of the shipyard's 98% male workforce, but outside in a normal environment they'd be average. I've never used the term and I don't think it's especially funny but these girls were saying they thought it was offensive and I was just like 'who cares?'. They were saying if they worked there they would complain that it had offended them and have the term banned. 'What so you would ban literally hundreds of men from using a term in their personal communication, just because you find it offensive?'

It's that sort of thing that I think is getting a bit scary. If a company has to acquiesce to those kinds of demands then you're in a dodgy situation.

“Fuck me that is one of the biglyist piles of shite I have ever seen on Twitter and Twitter is 95% pilesof shit”

It is 100% accurate, bang on the money in every respect and a brilliant breakdown of the destructive bullshit peddled online by the people for whom you apologise.

Using “triggered” as a diss is particularly despicable. An awareness of PTSD triggers and a sensitivity to them is essential in order to be a socially functional adult. If you think such an awareness is PC bullshit then honestly you are unfit to take part in civil society.

A perfectly normal- can u please clarify are you an Alt-right or an SJW your post can be read either way

thank you in advance

absolute bleeding heart snowflake mate

Perfectly normal, you are confusing triggers of PTSD - which can be literally anything, depending on the trauma - loud noises, particular smells, a blue sky - with factors which trigger the "I'm entitled to be outraged" button in snowflakes.

If you think I'm going to moderate my behaviour to avoid the latter you can fuck off and fuck off again.

I speak as someone who was raised in the 70s watching Jim Davidson and Love Thy Neighbour on the telly, attending a rabidly homophobic, all white, all male boarding school and serving in the military at a time when being gay would get you the sack.  I have nonetheless raised two kids (my son is 20) who are both well-balanced, mature and sensitive.  They are both nicer people than I.  But it is not because I set out not to expose them to anything which might offend modern sensitivities.  Quite the opposite probably.  And it worked.

Mugen - I work for a global tech company. People get fired all the time for all sorts of reasons, political or not. Some make a big deal about it. Others get paid off, sign a compromise agreement and leave quietly. 

I was also reading an interesting article about how the evangelicals are all upset because trump used the words "Goddamn" and "God'swrath" in his speeches. It is not dissimilar to what you said about your experience at a party. There are always those on opposite ends of the spectrum and they are the most vocal. Social media makes us think that the far end of the spectrum is the norm for the opposition - just like Hillary's deplorable comment or Romney's I dont have to care about the other half of the country comment.