A majority of four MPs
Johnny Hellzapoppin' 13 Mar 19 19:35
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Against collective seppuku, for the moment anyway.





well we’ll still have one

they didnt want the delay

i asked last week what if all 3 votes rejected. We might find out tomorrow

this was much, much, much closer than anyone imagined, is tomorrow a big deal given what happened tonight?

er resipsa I think ur confusing the amendment to the actual motion

the gov whipped against the actual motion and still lost by 40 odd

oracle, I was on about the first vote, but in fairness my head is gone and scrabbled .

What the Delphic one said.  The actual motion was amended (there was only a small majority of 4 for the amendment).  When put to the vote, the amended motion was passed by 43 votes even though May whipped the vote to force Tories to vote against the motion despite having promised beforehand to give a free vote.  

Her excuse for whipping was that she only promised a free vote for the UNamended motion.  

Even worse for May, on the actual motion only 538 voted so 100+ abstaining.  Of those few would ever back May in a crunch.  


I would want brexiteer cabinet members to resign and leave.