Lying your way to a TC

Has someone every successfully done this? A former trainee I know was kicked out of his law degree for cheating but due to some admin error he  was auto-enrolled as a student member of Law Society.  He managed to start a TC and was on his 3rd seat when the LS suspected an error. He then created a cache of fake documents to try  and appease their concerns but he was found out. 

This was during the early 00s when firms were using paper copies rather then using electronic checks.

I worked with a guy at a similar time who left after a few days of his TC as a partner decided to do some digging and it turned out half his CV was made up.

do you mean lying that you did a TC or lying about grades/ experience/ references

or do you mean going full legal alien and omitting to tell the employer that the 9 year gap on your CV is ever other firm in a 6 mile radius that has fired you hence why you're such a bitter saturday morning cartoon villain "starscream!"

Perhaps he now should go to work for well-known insurance solicitor, William Sturge, of Carter Perry Bailey. This could help him fudge the issue in the future as to why he left William Sturges LLP....

I am >50% certain a person that was thrown out of Oxbridge for cheating on their exams changed their name and took another degree to go down the PgDL route, going on to be a v. successful solicitor. 

I have also worked at a firm where a partner was thrown out for dodgy dealings on the quiet, then resurfaced at another firm where the same tricks led to the new firm being mega-slammed by the SRA. 

Addleshaw bod told me they’d cheated/lied on CV. Still there.

Not the same obs, but I failed the NZ equivalent of A levels (6th form), which in NZ is followed by a further optional year (7th form) which everyone who wants to go to Uni does.  I turned up at school to re-do the A-level year and found myself accidentally enrolled in 7th form, which carried with it the privilege of not having to wear uniform.  I stupidly thought that would be grand and exams would work itself out somehow, so went with it.  They realised their mistake half way through and I got expelled...

Eventually went to Uni as a 'mature student' after working & travelling   

I am aware of a few people who held out as, and practised as, barristers (back in the day when barristers did not have practising certificates) having never completed a pupillage.  

I am aware that at least one of them was quickly dismissed from his in-house job when he was asked to provided a practising certificate and couldn't do so.  

I worked with Tom O'Riordan for a bit. Young pups might need to Google him but proper cunt style CV bullshit nuff sed.

Great Starscream reference Sumo! Does that make his first TC firm the Deceptions!?