Lulu lemon yoga pants

So, so comfortable. 

I think I’m about to become one of those people. 

I don't understand how they are comfortable because they look really tight! I feel like they'd make me aware of myself too much.

Pic please. I don’t have a Scooby what these are. 

Is Lulu still with us btw? 


I’ve googled them, and they’re nothing to do with Lulu.

They're not lemon coloured either.

This is all very confusing. 

They’re not pants either. 

Some sort of leggings affair. 

The yoga bit might be right. 

I don’t blame you wanting Lycra based comfort post baby, Betty! How’s she doing? 

Clergham - quite the opposite, they feel like you’re wearing nothing. 

True Dusty. She is going really well thanks - is a very easy baby thank goodness ?

Thanks for telling me about these.  Yet another thing to add to my list of kinks/perversions.

They are the AUD equivalent of £67, which is still a lot for leggings but not quite £90. I wonder why they cost so much more in the UK?

I live in mine.

My favourites are black with a cut out pattern on them up the legs.

They also last, wash and wear a lot better than most other brands.