Lovell White Durrant Day

A thread to remember long dead law firm names

DJ Freeman


Amhurst Brown Colombotti

Frere Cholmeley Bischoff

Lest we forget

*Not SJ Berwin though, they were without exception an absolute bunch of aunts.

Sinclair Roche and Temperley

Richards Butler

Norton Rose M5 Group

Ah, dearly departed DJ Freeman, best know for your highly regarded real estate practice and catchphrase not 'arf pop-pickers.

Have Messrs Middleton Potts gone under? I went for a TC interview there. 

Theodore Goddard

[Denton] Wilde Sapte 

Nabarro Nathanson

The firm I originally joined as a trainee is mentioned on this thread.

Rowe and Maw were a pretty decent outfit as I recall.

Taken out by Mayer Brown as I recall? Tidy pay day for the equity whoever it was.

In fairness, almost all of the names above have been overtaken by (mainly) successful mergers and the like.  More interesting might be defunct law firm names by reason of defunct law firm businesses (SJs being the most recent).  Turner Kenneth Brown springs to mind in that regard.  Any others



Dewey & LeBouef- mistake hiring an ex Chelsea defender as a name partner.

Lee Crowder, a venerable and respected name in Birmingham, taken on by the Mancs at Cobbetts and run into the ground within a decade.

Oppenheimer nathan vandyk

Frere Cholmely Bischoff

Tarlo Lyons 

BLG, one of the three or so genuine uber outstanding com lit firms in  the UK and beyond, sad about its demise

also “Graf von Westphalen” in Germany

literally “the Count of Westphalia” which in England would be a pub

@ clive, I would say so, you could include Clydes without doubt in that mix

Jamie when did Radcliffes end?

I think a few years ago, when they became Knights

Not sure though and CBA to look up

The only other thing I know about Radcliffes is that 4 years ago, their HR sent an email to a colleague of mine who was three years pqe inviting him to be equity partner in their oxford office...


Herbies are rubbish, it's nuclear bomb rather than the scalpel.  Didn't take long to work out all you needed to do was spike their correspondence after a skim.

Always had a sneaking regard for Theodore Goddard.

All I remember of Gouldens was that they were very high payers and nobody knew what they did.

Yes, Gouldens always offered the highest trainee salaries, and you're right, its a mystery.

M6 of mine trained there in the mid/l8 90s.  Compared to the rest of us he was absolutely coining it in.

When my old man got fired/managed out of his job as a COO of a company in the FTSE 125-175 range he tells me he instructed Taylor Johnson Garret , what a wonderfully grand and pompous name is that !

Before the Dewey merger it was LeBoeuf, Lamb, Greene & MacRae

I used to do quite a lot of work for the London office. V nice people.

yes, I had a uni mate who trained at Gouldens too

they had firm paid for drinks every Friday evening at a pub near the office which seemed to be open to anyone who knew anyone from Gouldens and lasted until closing time

ebitda, you've mis-spelled their name

Taylor Joynson Garrett

I also worked with them. They had lovely offices on the Embankment. 

Heffers, that would have been The Harrow and, yes, also got pissed there on the Goulden's partner tabs every other Friday for about two years until my m8 gave up law and went into IB

Ah, the Harrow.

The senior partner turned up there quite often and when he did the bar staff were trained to bring out his preferred brand of champagne and serve it to him without him even having to request it.

we were probably there at the same time, Buzz

Taylor Joynson Garrett became Taylor Wessing when they merged with some krauts

still a good firm IMO

Ebit, Taylor Joynson Garrett's name came about, I believe, as a result of a 1980's merger between Taylor Garrett and Joynson-Hicks (an IP specialist firm). It was seen to be quite innovative at the time to come up with a name the 'split' the name of one of the founding firms. Call it "grandiose" or not, but it took place not that long ago in historical terms.