Louis Theroux on polyamory

Did I miss the dicussion on this or did no one else watch it?


I watched this last night.  It seemed quite sad - as far as I could see, in each polyamoury relationship there was basically one or two people who wanted to have their cake and eat it, and the others were just miserably tagging along for the sale of their relationship with the greedy selfish person.


didn't see it but suspect stixta has got it - plus how exhausting must it be to handle more than one wife?

I did not see it either but think polyamory is probably a reasonable response to a dearth of people one fancies


That's like percussion but using something other than a drumstick to beat out the rhythm

If you haven't seen it, it's a fascinating watch

agree that there were a lot of miserable people. Heidi was a total bitch who got her bluff called.

as for the hippy pregnant ones - mega heh at the end caption about them deciding not to assign a gender to their new baby


I know a number of people within leather families (don't look that up at work) where they exist in a mix of poly and mono lifestyles.  Some are mono to someone else who is poly.

one of my friends is a girl in a poly relationship who desperately tried to sleep with me because her chap. Who I also know, was off with some prettier younger thing.  It seems seriously weird and sad when it's obvious that some people are just not into it but are along for the ride, probably because they have low self esteem and are desperate for someone, anyone, to show them affection.

that said, it can work, I've seen some people very happy in that sort of relationship but I do wonder if they think they'll still be like that in their sixties and seventies.

Haven't seen this yet. Heard about it on a podcast and it's on the list. Is it one to watch with partner or without?

I'm not keen on the word thruple.

This gets confused by some people with their being a bit on the side, or one of the bits on the side.

Aw I'm sure you were special to them in your own way

in my experience, in any open relationship type thing I have seen, there is usually one person (could be the man or the woman - it varies a lot) who wants to shag around and the other goes along with it to keep them happy. 

However actual polyamorous relationships where I’ve seen them (or read sometimes) almost universally appear to be two loser dudes in a “relationship” with one woman who isn’t particularly thrilled with either of them - much rarer to see the man with two wives type thing (at least in modern western society)

Stru where the fck and why the fck have u met all these swingy shaggers?

Heh at Judo. Clearly you are familiar with the goings on at NFBC. 

Wang I just know a lot of random people. I tend to talk to everyone around me. Have gotten chatting to randos in the pub who turned out to be clients/potential clients multiple times. Used to be on a first name basis with most of the homeless dudes around Angel/Upper Street etc (only know one of them now - others got housing and moved off the street) 

Watched this last night. Seemed rather sad, particularly the husband of the first lady who was apparently OK with what she was doing but looked the complete opposite.

Favourite part was when he suggested that he might join in with her and her other chap and she said "I don't think that's what I need". 

who knew the homeless dudes on upper st were such lotharios...