Lord Wolfson's change of heart

consistently strong advocate for brexit says crash out brexit won’t be all that bad non shocka 

No idea what his original views were, nor his current ones. Don't much care either. 

No he's the CEO of Next. He said earlier this year no deal would be catastrophic.  


Now he thinks the worst case scenario us some "minor disruption". 


So hard Brexiter said no deal would be bad, but now sees that no deal is the only form of brexit likely, so has now decided that No Deal would fucking aces?  




? it’s one of those fantastic situations where someone really stubborn who has not thought stuff through backs themselves into a corner and then, when their pride is at stake, goes for what they perceive to be the lesser volte face

Why do these people talk to us as if we care what their views are? He doesn't have any special insight, just a position of economic privilege. 

Is a Radley and Cambridge educated white man parachuted into PLC CEO job by his dad best placed to advise on the effect on the man or woman in the street given his finger on the pulse of normality? The fact he is a life peer nominated by Call me Dave sums up the latter's connection with reality. This is like Seamus Milne telling us that we all have to be communists as he lives in his big house in Richmond and games the school system for his kids. 

Perhaps if this guy has something to say he might go and say it in the House of Lords, but oh look he never fucking attends.