Looks like the Great Briitsh Seaside Holiday may have a revival



Lovely, a week in a caravan in Porthcawl


I just missed the chance to throw a parity party in the 80s; maybe there is still hope ...

In the short term the prices at UK destinations will end up skyrocketing due to increased demand both from domestic holidaymakers looking to avoid currency deficits and foreign holidaymakers looking to take advantage of the weak pound.

Capacity will increase over time but initially people will be likely in for a shock even holidaying in Britain.

Well done Brexiters.

On the plus side - fewer oiks from Ingerland will be encountered abroad. In any event, one prefers city breaks.

Thank God we chose Teignmouth this year

thought this was some posh southern yuppie way of spelling Tynemouth for a second

In Tynemouth they flay posh southern yuppies with chains and drag them from their rear bumpers through the streets of Gateshead.