Looking for a new desk

Reccos please

Think the Resolute is being used. You could ask about a loan of the C&O. 

But all the top lawyers go Cocobolo...

Thanks, tricky, but I don't want a standing desk - they are all ugly; and lots of my colleagues have them and none of them use them

For home or for chambers?  For home, I would suggest a man of you means (and artistic ability) should design his own and get a posh company like Neville's Johnson to install it.

biggest and least obtrusive ikea one that will fit in the space plus a Varidesk 

Heff, do you have a budget. Do you want something special / purpose built or just nice, factory made stuff. 

Classic, modern, mid century?

Wood preferences

Leather topped or wood?

Modern conveniences like cable runs or old school

Size constrains or horseshoe monster?

New or "pre-loved"?





In my head all chambers offices are done out in the manner of a manor house library in dark mahogany.  So you want a big beast of an antique with a leather inset and one of those green shaded gold lamps.

JM: happy to spend a reasonable amount

I'm really looking for something modern, probably in a lightish wood, wood topped, designed for modern working life: i.e. computers and multiple screens but it needs to be reasonable quality

all that probably means I'm looking for something factory built rather than bespoke

The barrister special?  Walnut, green leather inlay and a very large drawer to store pomposity?  


When you say lightish - are you limiting to light oaks, or would rosewood type stuff go? Does it have to match? Do you want lots of drawers (i.e. max storage / utility, or does cleaner lines of a table type desk appeal (do you want people to see your feet). 

You could get a desk like that west elm one on eBay for 50 quid 

very hard to get desks on ebay for under £350 that are not battered to fook (and require hours of refurbing) or require you to drive to Stoke to pick it up under cover of darkness.

thank you so much for these suggestions - they are all hopeless, but kind nevertheless

all those desks are tiny

wouldn't you want something bigger for all your papers & files & stuff?

sitting in chambers, with a desk with a "yeah, it was John Lews - but i had to WAIT for it to come into stock".  No backstory bragging rights with that.  For that reason, a cocobolo is worth it for the Saul Goodman connection.

He's royalty don't you know tricky 

I actually quite like it, but I'd pay 500 quid tops 

jelly, that's basically the sort of thing I have at the moment, and the sort of thing I want to move away from

yeah, thought as much.  My dad has one like that he keeps threatening to leave to me.


Be wary of stuff from EU, as they'll be a ball of duties to pay and you'll be legally obliged to do to a "WTF face" for a Daily Mail article.

Have you thought about just getting a big kitchen table with legs you can adjust to the right height?



Ohh good call.  In fact just buy a snooker table and have a cover made.  

I once looked at a house to buy.  Was 2800 sq foot.  woman lived alone there.  Her dining table was a 9ft billiard table underneath.  Ace

I have never played billiards.  Bar billiards, yes a lot.

We had a billiards table under our dining table growing up. It was ace. 

heff have you looked at Conran shop? Lots of nice modern / mid century danish numbers there 

Heff - have a look at https://muju.co.uk/ (although they may not be flash enough, based on the recommendations above!)

They have great reviews, and if you like any of the options, they will adapt them pretty much anyway you like.

Or made.com




or for something a little bit different



thank you, some very useful suggestions here

there are some lovely desks at Conran, that was a good idea too

yes, that is nice though I'm not very keen on glass desk tops

Not really sure how neat it would would look with the necesary power cables running across it either. 


There don't seem to be many desks with a cut out to tidy those up though.

I have a Herman Miller electric standing desk. I only use it to raise it 20 cm for sitting. It weighs about 70kg and is 1.8m long so plenty of space for 3 screens. The key thing is depth, most desks aren't deep enough, you need 80cm. New mine is about £1500 but ebay yielded one with a couple of marks for £300. Best money I've spent all year.

You can get made to measure solid wood kitchen worktops in a variety of different woods, and you can self-design the cut-outs (tap holes) so they work for monitor/power cables etc.  Far cheaper than buying a full desk, but likely to be much better quality.  You can then get a carpenter to fit legs to it (or do it yourself).  I had been planning for ages to make one myself before lockdown for my home office space, but bought one instead - building would have required access to my FiL's tool shed...

Cam that reminds me of a winery we visited in Tuscany where the owner had put in a coffee table made out of a piece of glass and an old Ferrarri V12 he had blown up in a race.

It instantly became apparent why his wine was quite so expensive.

If you like the mid century danish look I can also highly recommend paere dansk. Beautiful stuff and they are so helpful. 

Imagine how many times you would bang your shins on it, and how much it would hurt...


(I could do a few coffee tables with CBR600 engines if anyone's interested...)

When we were kids my brother sketched a CBR750 from a magazine. But he misread the B and thought it was an A. 

Told him he was wrong and he disagreed. Until I asked him if he really thought Honda named a motorbike the CAR 750.


I think the OP should get a snooker table.


Why litigate when you can snookigate?

9 Frames for County Court

15 for High

21 for Appeal

27 and a game of darts for the Supreme Court.

"And Sumption steps up to the Oche, after a difficult 14 Frames,his contention that his client is entitled to estoppel against the claim of the claimant is in severe danger... his first submission is a treble twenty, another treble twenty, oneeeeeehuuuundredandeighty... magic litigation there... Peter Jackson?" "couldn't put it better myself Clive.... university, law school, 30 years of private practice, some questionable history books and he still has the big game temprement. My only regret is that he never got to appear on Bullseye"