long life

is all well and good but it must all seem like an awfully long time ago




commanded a regiment at alamein

stopped being Commander-in-Chief, Allied Forces Northern Europe in 1974.  now 40 + years later he's been retired longer than he was in the army (40 years).





Only the good die young.  All the evil seem to live forever.

- Iron Maiden

It's embarrassing to read about these guys in the obituaries, and on the same page read the 1960s crowd checking out in a drug fueled haze of self- indulgence 

"Thomas Pearson was born on 1 July 1914, shortly before the First World War began, in Queenstown, Ireland. He was educated at Charterhouse School,[2] and the Royal Military College, Sandhurst, from where he, along with another future general officer, Douglas Darling,..."

"Last person I called darling was pregnant 30 seconds later.  Woof!"

Ludovic Kennedy said that Max Beerbohm told him in the 1950s, 

that his grandfather had been MARRIED  before the French Revolution