London is so beautiful

All the time but esp in aurumn. I ache with love for it. 

There is too much to choose from,though.


Immigrants are why it's amazing, dux.

Ps where should I go for a snack?? Currently in vauxhall. Wondering about barrafina.

Nerve agents aren’t pollution, they were just visiting, and they left their mark for sure dux. Else, v good, true to form.

I've lived in London all my life, and I still get a kick out of walking by the Tower or over one of the bridges. And yes it is extra beautiful in unexpected warm Autumn sunshine.

"All Englishmen must cherish and defend themselves and hurt and grieve alie s for the common weal"


Dux, May 1517...


Down to see the married lover?

if you think London is beautiful your heart would implode if you came down this way and saw the sunrise over the water.

i do not miss London.  And Mayfair smells of actual rubbish in the morning.

If I had lived there all my life I would probably love it but, as it was, I spent years (or even decades) wanting to go home. "Home" is in parts a s**t hole but it's my kind of s**t hole and I feel comfortable here which I never really did in London.