London Restaurant with Truffles

Hi! a bit specific, but can anyone recommend a good London restaurant which serves dishes with truffles? Doesn't have to be too fancy. Bonus points if centrally located.

A bit silly but I have been asked for this... I don't even like truffles. 

the linguine al tartufo just across from the former Rufus LLP was superb.

That doesn't help.  

But it makes me feel both hungry and nostalgic.


that's fricking weird. I was trying to remember the name of that lovely little Italian on the corner of norland square. only to realise it was in fact Edera.




which I think is therefore the answer.


I had truffle linguine at La Trompette in Chiswick. Was best I ever had.

thanks, I'm obviously not going to Chiswick. I will check Edera, anything else?

The mrs had a black truffle risotto at petrus back in about 2005. Sean Connery glared at me in the bar.  they may have changed the menu since then...

That story could only have been better if told by Chambo.

He did not seem in the mood to be engaged in laddy bantz tbh stix.

The fancy italian with all the leather v close to Chiltern Firehouse.

Gary Rhodes - who is a kunt - used to have a restaurant in Shoe Lane called City Rhodes and the best simple meal I ever had was linguine with butter, shaved black truffle, parsley, pepper and a glass of wine on the side.  I haven't found any better pasta plate in a UK restaurant than that.  am now seriously hungry and cannot concentrate. 

Why does parsley get such a tough time on rof, it's ace

Probs cos Roffers have been scarred by dried sprigs of curly parsley functioning as garnish. I hate curly parsley. Fresh flat leaf parsley is great in the right context.

I think like coriander it suffers from people who grew up in the 70s and 80s not wanting to be able to identify green shyt in their dinner.  see also sprout refusers.

I am not one of those people who only eat yellow food but sprouts ming hard.

Coriander is revolting.  That's not a 70s/80s thing, it's a general fact.

Surprised no one has pointed the OP towards Thornton’s.

Restaurant Story has a truffle dish

but it’s something like £50 extra 

totally worth it tho, it’s insanely good

bit demanding of this person....! Padella and flour and grape usually have a nice tartufo creamy pasta on the menu - otherwise borough have a truffle stall, so get them one and they can shave it onto some fish and chips?

Hush, Lancashire Court, Mayfair. I was there a couple of weeks ago and had the most superb pasta dish with truffle £30.

Love truffles! Bought a load of truffles last week when on hols and brought them home with me. I plan on having them grated/shaved in every meal for the next month or so....

I would like someone to tell me why they taste so it just the fact that they are not that easily found and as such are treated as more of a delicacy i.e. if you could buy them as easily as chocolate, they would be less of a treat and therefore less tasty?

Shite truffle oil really mings. It gives the flavour of sweaty socks to everything.  But freshly shaved slivers into hot buttered pasta. mmm

Yes that's what the Hush dish was. Pasta in some creamy sauce with truffle grated over it.

Hush looks nice, I booked it. Edera looks lovely but I prefer more central this time.

Agree on truffle oil, it's yucky

I forgot how useful Rof can be