London Hotel Recommendations

If you had to pick a hotel in London to have drinks in the bar and then have a sexy overnight stay,


which hotel would you chose?

The Montcalme London City at The Brewery.  Chiswell Street, about halfway between Barbican and Old Street.  Nice bars/restaurant, lovely big rooms.  Very nice indeed.

Claridges or the Connaught for more trad

ham yard

the new standard up at kings x is meant to be v cool too although it’s boom boom room won’t open til September 

but being serious, i like tall buildings so would probably stay in the shard or summink like that

Ooh also I quite like the shipping containers hotel - I think it isn’t a Mondrian anymore tho so wonder what happened there. 

This will shock and amaze many people who know where I like to stay.... heh

American bar at the Savoy and then stay there.  

A 'Chambers Suite' in the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel.

All of the facilities of a "big hotel", but with a discreet door leading off the main bar into a cozy self-contained part of the hotel.

“ a chambers suite”


i do not want a night of filth shagging in a room full of Lego with the top gear theme tune playing on repeat 

Does the Sanderson still exist?  I once had a very pleasant night there.

Sanderson was still a good place for a drink as of a few months ago, yes

Corinthia is the place by the way if someone else is paying.

Ha, if I was paying it would be an ibis budget and booze in our room that I smuggled in from Tesco

If you mean which is my favourite hotel, then Browns.

I like the unashamed fastidious femininity of the Ritz, and the excellent service at the Connaught, but the understated elegance of Browns wins it for me.

Phoebes, a glass of Pinot at the American Bar is about £14.  A decent meal for two at the grill is about £80 not including wine.  A room starts at £450 ish per night I think.

A night with you must be worth that for him, and you honestly will never receive better service nor experience a more sumptuous surrounding than the Savoy.

I know I blather on about it and having lived there for a few months it’s easy to be a little passé but it genuinely is one of those things that everyone should experience in their life.

How on earth can you afford to live at the Savoy unless you're a film star or an arms dealer?! Even with a (presumed) discount you must have been shelling out the best part of £12k a month from taxed income plus another £3k a month to eat and drink there. And where did you put all your belongings? Storage would have cost you another few grand a month. 

Realistically, unless you're on at least £1m+ gross a year, it would be disproportionately expensive and even then a rather extravagant way to live. 

Maybe by "live", he means he worked there at all hours

Washing dishes was a nightmare m8s.

Nah it was paid for innit.  Part of my relocation package.  We got £500 allowance per night in capital cities as standard for hotels so it was comfortably within that anyway.

£500 allowance! I'd have slummed it at the Travelodge and pocketed the cash.

Don’t talk to me about storage.  Seriously.  I paid pickfords a fortune to pack me up and store everything for three months.  

Firstly they charge by pallet, I had four pallets so I was paying about £240 a month.

But then when I came to go through the 80 or so boxes of crap I had, most of it was packing paper.  They massively overfill the packing to make you pay more for storage.  They even packed and covered in packing paper an empty bottle of Bombay sapphire ffs.  

I was deeply pissed off and when I got my beach place after realising that Tecco Towers was too big for just me, I didn’t move anything I just went shopping.  Probably cheaper.

Haha it doesn’t work that way....  you get to spend and claim back up to £500 a night in a capital city.  They don’t just give you £500 in used fifties... 

It probably is, but what about the sentimental things? 

Dont think I have ever had any sentimental things if I’m entirely truthful. 


Badders - the Montcalm? Seriously??

Yeah nice hotel and all.  Crazy layout, variable rooms.  Would stay there when the Andaz didn't work.  

Slightly eccentric business hotel perhaps. But not one for a dirty weekend.

Even though Tecco is full of bullshit, just the smallest chance that he has ever stayed at the Savoy is enough to rule it out for me

Elaine Stritch (RIP) lived at the Savoy when she was in the, UK, she said after all is said and done, and you took into account, food , rates, rent , and other sundries it was well worth the money

Phoebes dude, the first couple of times I ever met you I was staying there...!

Dont know why you’ve jumped on the Tecco hate team, always thought we got on ok, other than my obsession with always needing to get back to the office.

Teclis, so you were relocated to London presumably and given a £500 a night housing allowance for three months, and you used that to stay in the Savoy for three months yeah? Well unless you were some "c" suite exec I doubt that very munch, £500.00 Per night is punchy to put it mildly. They could have rented you a nice 1 bed flat for much cheaper than that saving them a shed load of money....

I once worked for a partner (who co-incidentally was in teh Bullingdon Club) whose aunt lived in The Ritz.

Rof really is full of utter cunts isn't it? 

If any of you have ever had sex in a hotel it was a Travellodge and you know it. 


The Stafford Hotel in St James is lovely and the American Bar in it is pretty good 

Ebitda - £500 a night was the standard rate for us when staying in a capital city.  It is not punchy.

Im sure I said that before....

As a mere IT Pleb I was put up in The Zetter for 9 months, was about £300 a night for room + meals. Law firms do silly things, especially when they are merging with other law firms (and there's a juicy budget).   I asked to rent an apartment instead but was refused.