London homeless

You’re all intelligent people (heh)

Spent the morning in E.London.

Came across many homeless people, all of whom looked very ill/on class A substances - fwiw, I know many start taking drugs and abusing alcohol after becoming homeless not before

What is a sensible solution?

Why is the 6th largest economy in the world (with only 65m odd people) unable to support these people? 

Not interested in bullshit victim blaming from quislings, suggesting it’s the fault of the homeless themselves, we know it’s not and anecdotal examples are usually just that - edge cases.

Should siddiq khan be forced to sleep on the streets until there is significant progress on this issue?

Sadiq keeps failing in his various promises re housing, but it doesn't seem to affect his near-automatic re-election prospects, so I would not be surprised if deep inside he just takes the line: "why should I bother?".