The London ballot paper is flipping enormous

Loads of independent candidates at the bottom that no-one has ever even heard of, no clue of what they stand for and will surely only be voted for by their friends and family?

Had to do some weird origami thing to try to re-fold the paper and get it in the box. Pity the poor sods doing the count later.

Ah, they love it. Great sense of camaraderie apparently as people come back again and again.  It is usually totally oversubscribed I understand.

The 'zette is already not looking forward to doing the count on Sunday.

Christ you have to give up a bank holiday weekend to do it too?!

Yep.  It's a paid role of course though.  And my Sunday will be much more relaxing than normal.

I wasn't talking about relaxing in a gentleman's manner (c) Viz.  Although it's clearly an option.

possibly lots of extinction rebellion people who want to be in the polling station/counting errr place? to cause a protest

I got to the Cabbage Patch about twice a year. You creepy weirdo.

Dude, it was less than 12 hours ago that you yourself posted something about how you live there.

The cabbage patch has to be the most dreadful pub in SW London

It's not creepy remembering stuff that you push down people's throats¬!

buzz pushed what down ur throat?

thats a very serious allegation

buzz pushed what down ur throat?

thats a very serious allegation

It is a shyte pub. The only things it's got going for it is a decent sized outside space and proximity to the station.

There is an Independent standing in London, Roger Hallam

woo hoo! Fred Thursday stands for office