LOD, Axiom, Peerpoint, etc.
ContractSolicitor 08 Jul 19 11:39
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I am considering leaving private practice to do my own thing, but I suspect that will take at least 9 months to starting earning.

I will therefore probably consult part-time to pay the bills.

Whilst my firm have said they’d pay me a (decent) day rate, I’m not sure it would be a steady enough stream of work. There’s a few clients I could also consult directly for, but I don’t want to burn bridges with my firm, so that’s a no.

I’ll therefore probably go for one of the flexible providers. Does anyone have any insights into how Axiom, LOD, Peerpoint, etc. compare in terms of flexibility, rates, length of assignment, and anything else anyone can think of? Or are there any others I should consider?

By way of background, I’m 4 years PQE in non-contentious tech. I can also turn my hand to data protection, but would rather not...

Thanks in advance!

Speak to the old school interim recruiters like Taylor Root as when I was contracting they came up with jobs for me unlike LoD who provided nothing of any use in the space of six months.  Sorry they came up with one job that was 1.5 days a week which is just enough to stop you doing anything else but not enough to actually pay the bills.

Thanks - I’ll be sure to speak to TR.

Did they have many part time interim roles coming through? 

I only did it for a few months but they found me four weeks work with one firm where someone had left and they were waiting for a new person to start and then a 12 month maternity cover job.  Also had some interviews for other bits through them.

I enjoyed the maternity cover job so much I'm still at that firm four years later.