Lloyds Bank 222 Strand to become a 25000 square foot spoons

Often described as the most beautiful bank in England which dates back to the 17th century I’m not sure what to make of this announcement, and I love spoons . It will be a staggering 26000 square feet apparently.

but spoons do have a great record in converting old banks , see probably the nicest spoons I’ve ever been to in Chancery Lane .

Strange move , given there is another huge spoons on Chancery Lane 200 metres away 

Yes but isn't the other branch old skool airport lounge Spoons?  I suspect that will close

Guy the one in Chancery Lane is actually a very grand one , former home of Nat West and the BoE I think 

There's also a huge one on Holborn just past the end of Chancery Lane but also a shed load of moderately paid office workers who like a bargain lunchtime pint and burger and couple of pints in the evening.

Indeed there is sails but that one is grim , and devoid of natural light, also unsurprisingly rammed with students .

Would rather they converted dead banks to spoonage than let them rot.  The one on a local high st that shut 5 years ago is still standing empty (beautiful building)

Which confirms there will be plenty of business for a big new one on the Strand given its proximity to KCL.

Yes sails but still this one is 25000 square feet , it cannot rely on KCL students as the greater part of his clientele as they are only there for 24 or so weeks a year 

not a big fan of Spoons as a rule, though they serve a purpose especially in grim places were they are often the best/safest option.

however the three in that neck of the woods (if you count the one at Holborn station as well as the Chancery Lane and High Holborn ones) are all pretty decent.  as etidba suggests the Knights Templar branch on Chancery Lane, is along with the Cross Keys in the City probably the best spoons in the UK.

so will certainly be loads of demand; they generally do old bank conversions certainly in prime locations like this well fit out wise.  it was a beautiful (and in it's time useful) bank agreed.

BST what is it you don’t like about spoons ? I think it has been 15 years plus since spoons only rolled out in deprived areas, they are everywhere including very affluent towns and villages . 

Think it depends where you are in terms of clientele.  It can attract a fairly downmarket clientele in a lot of places, serious hardcore drinkers.  But in central London this is much less of an issue.

Beer quality can also be very variable; in some it's great, in others indifferent.  Just my opinion.

Fair does I have never been in a dump of a spoons ever and I must have been to over 20, but for some strange reason many think they are rough as hell. 
my local one is frequented by an eclectic mix. Local law firm staff ,students, city workers, tradesmen, retired/washed up academics, and a few in their 60s and 70s who are seemingly there all day spending their pensions/benefits!

And the pints of lager are perfect. Shame about the shit wine though. When I did mini pupillages , members of chambers including silks were always in the Chancery Lane one. Love the app.

Mainly outside London but in fairness the places I am thinking about in which I've been in iffy feeling Spoons (Crewe, Wrexham, Bromley and Blackpool are coming to mind here) down the years are places in which the alternative pubs (Bromley aside for some reason that one by Bromley South station seems to get a chavvy clientele) are equally dodgy or worse ebitda!

Fair , I can imagine I’m deprived areas up north they are grim . There is one in whiteladies Rd in Bristol which is very nice situate in what’s was one of those beautiful bath stone Georgian mansions 

The only acceptable Spoons to frequent is a the one in Glasgow Airport.  Where it is the best place to eat airside.  Yes, take that in.

Spoons' beers are awful. Brown and insipid. Will not be giving my money over the bar to that mullet-haired Brexiteer.

The old, traditional City on Strand and Fleet Street is being destroyed even more than it was in 1940/41.

222 Strand was a nice bank to enter. Will be missed.

The Old Bank of England is not a brilliant pub either, even though it's a Fullers pub. 'Spoons at 222 will be even worse. It will be full of yobbos, so at least there will be a place for them to go, so that decent chaps and chapesses can avoid them by drinking elsewhere.

Spoons in the City are great. As for ‘full of yobbos’? Ffs clueless. Spoons are for people who want to have a drink. Much more likely to see a barney on a Friday night in shitty bars like the Anthologist or the Forge than in a Spoons. 

There’s a fantastic Spoons near where I do my weekend shopping. It is always packed. I have never spent a single penny in it however, I have spent lots of little pennies in there as you can go in completely unchallenged to the huge bank of ladies’ at the back where there are loads of stalls and clean and plenty of soap and hand driers.

so while we’re going round waitrose one or other of us says, I need to go to spoons, which means the other has the job of ambling round the rest of the shops while theyre waiting.

they applied for planning permission to change the layout, which would have meant no longer free access to the loos, quelle horreur! Fortunately the council saw sense and refused, phew.

Weatherspoons nearby reduces house prices and Waitrose nearby increases house prices (per spurious daily mail economics) 

a pricing teaser question for the chinnies where Minkie lives

An article on the BBC website today. Parents who bring children to 'Spoons pubs should limit themselves to two drinks  in order to properly supervise their children and not be 'drunk in charge' of their children.

There it is in a nutshell.

As I have hinted, the social demographic of 'Spoons is chavvy (or maybe that's Brexit England as a whole). Chav parents, who in their singular youth once drank-stood-shouted-brawled at Yate's Wine Lodge, now take their chav kids to 'Spoons.