Liz Truss MP on Instagram

Admit it...

You're all loving her work! 

Who the hell follows politicians on Instagram?

It's for holiday destinations, pictures of food and cute fluffy animals.

I agree and I wouldn't follow any other pollies. But hers is an amusing montage of fashion, humour and colour.

If fashion is your thing then I suspect there are literally hundreds of thousands of better Instagram accounts to follow.

I am a fan of her Instagram but not that pink suit that thing is cray

OK, my curiosity got the better of me.

What the actual fuck?

You’re a shameless plagiarist, Ducks.

I demand satisfaction. 

See my thread about how her page is the 7th circle of Hell. 

She doesn’t understand the point of hashtags. The idea is to link to other posts on a similar theme, not write an endless list of vomit inducing puns. 




HEH, the one of her eating an ice cream was



I like some of her outfits but why the fuck is she pretending to be a 15 year old "Instagram influencer" (albeit with much more awkwardness and much less panache).

Liz, love, you are a grown up woman with a real job.

There’s one of her in a green dress and she actually used her fingers to type #greenday

Can you imagine how embarrassing it must be to witness her posing for these?

Tbh, I live in a place where you frequently find people who fancy themselves as the next big Instagram sensation pouting and posing in picturesque streets. I pity them for the team sports they have not played and the musical instruments they have not learned and the books they have not read because they spent their teenage years perfecting their selfie pout.

It's embarrassing watching them do it. But seeing a 50 year old politician do it (rather less successfully because she did not spend her teenage years perfecting her selfie pout) is a whole new level of cringeworthy.

I was in Venice and saw an early 20 something Chinese woman posing and pouting like a mad thing... ...actually striking poses which I thought had died out with Duran Duran.

Anyway, her poor old mum was trying to take the pictures on an iPad and at the end of every batch the daughter would look at them and then verbally abuse her for 5 minutes (don't know what she said as it was in forrin')... ...after one session she actually cuffed her own mum on the head.

This will probably sound wrong, but all the selfie sticks belonged to young asian girls who couldn't give a fuck about being in one of the most beautiful locations as long at it provided a suitable Instagram backdrop... ...sad.

Yeah Fluffy, I fucking hate it.

This world heritage site is not improved by you doing the peace sign and a duck pout in front of it.

I also once sat next to a girl on a train who used her iPad to take "train selfies" for two hours. TWO HOURS. Of all the things you could do with an iPad. Jesus Christ.

Well I think Liz is a breath of fresh air in a stuffy, male, grey environment where RoF's Strutter would be considered dangerously radical. 

This guy gets a pass because the story behind his Paris selfie is fucking hilarious.

She appears to just own one casual dress, that flowery wrap over one.


but the bigger question for me is how the fuck did she meet T Swizzle?

Dux.  Can you please stop wanking on over Liz fucking truss.  She isn’t even attractive.  Just stop it.

can i be the first to say