will they go on to dominate for a few years?


No, I still think Man City are the more talented  team and will come back at them - this has the feel of an miracle year for Liverpool rather than the start of an invincible dynasty.

I agree guy. 'miracle' is maybe a bit strong since they've built a 20 point lead

I'm not sure thats right, they got enough points last year to win any epl bar one or 2. would say if klopp stays they are contenders for another rcouple of years at least

Depends. If they keep having VAR work in their favour and having oppo keepers chuck the ball in the net in injury time, it’s feasible that they will challenge city again next season.

anyone who watched that dross yesterday and watched the way City spanked arsenal will be in doubt which is the better team.


it’s artists v artisans.



Even Klopp has said he’s no idea how Liverpool are ahead of us.

athough we all know why.

Plus citeh have the psychological advantage of being used to playing in empty stadiums 

To be honest, spanking Arsenal isn't exactly an achievement

 agree guy. 'miracle' is maybe a bit strong since they've built a 20 point lead

Heh.  That is the "miracle".  they are not 20 points better, but everything has just clicked and they got the winning habit which has its own momentum.  I suspect they will be quite average for the rest of the season.

I hope it's closer next year and that other clubs compete too. it's boring if one club walks away with it or if only 2 clubs are in with a chance

Liverpool are better this season, City better overall. 

Despite Liverpool’s relentlessness this year I think City of last year and particularly the year before were better. 

will be interesting to see what effect being banned form the CL has on City (If upheld) given they don’t have the same ability to attract Commercial revenue as others. 

Liverpool’s strongest 11 is better than City’s. City squad is stronger than Liverpool’s. 

City’s European ban will help them next season. If Sane goes that’ll be a huge loss. No surprise they’re 23 points behind and he’s been out all season. 

Liverpool’s best players will only have a limited number of clubs to join if they want a step up from the European and English champions. Barca and Real are the only real threats. If you’ve suddenly lost all ambition, maybe PSG. 

Lol @ “miracle”. Since August 2018, Liverpool  have lost 2 league games. City have lost 11. Liverpool haven’t lost a league game at home since April 2017. City last lost at home in December. 

Tom is basically crying that a system designed to ensure the rules are properly implemented has helped Liverpool win the league.

Missing out on Werner might hurt us bad. 

I think Chelsea will be much stronger next season as will Utd. City will need to reinforce too and I can see them throwing money at the problem (even in the current climate). I therefore think Liverpool will be in a real fight to retain the title especially as many players will struggle to replicate their performances this season (fullbacks being an example). Top 4 next season is pretty much a closed shop though

Liverpool have already replicated a strong season performance- they only lost out last season by 1 point. They didn’t let that disappointment crush them. They pushed on and have decimated the rest of the league. 

Lol @ “miracle”. Since August 2018, Liverpool  have lost 2 league games

That is the "miracle" you duufus.

Being that consistent over 2 seasons is not a miracle u tit. 

Istanbul was a miracle. 

Losing 2 games in 2 years is not. Duufus. 

Rumours of the demise of my citeh boys might be premature

won the last 6 available domestic trophies and still in the fa cup and that awful UEFA thing 

Klopp will be fired in the next 2 seasons.  Mark my words. 

Being taught a solid lesson by Palace tonight. Schooled!

Palace didn't have a single touch in Liverpool's box. Opta have recorded touches in the box since 2008. That has never happened before. 


they aren’t a selling club

they don't have that many superstars anyway but they easily have the resources to defend the ones they do have against capture by the very very few clubs that can compete with Liverpool in the transfer market

if anything they will be looking to upgrade

they could do with a Firmino 2.0 and a midfield that can do the pressing thing but also is a bit better at carving opportunities in tight spaces. I foresee a bigger role for Keita, who took his time to settle but basically is that player.