Looks like it’s the Europa for them now!

I expect VAR to intervene and give chelski a few pens to allow the prems favourite team to have a sniff on the last day.

There has never been a more entitled bunch of whiners than the dipper fan base. Arsenal run them closest, but still miles off. 

We should never let them forget the "net spend" era. Imagine dividing points by transfer fees and making an alternative league table? When you're Liverpool. 

They did one a couple of seasons ago of the league table if only goals from outside the box counted.

I just feel sorry for Chelsea 

A once proud (if racist) club - now they are just racist 

This is how oil ruins football 

The karma chelski are getting is for their scummy fans praising pootin stooge abramovich. They're a bunch of John Terrys. 

Liverpudlians will now need to brush up on their Eastern European geography and travel arrangements, I guess. 

The only good news for them is that it will probably be worse for Spurs/Villa in the Conference League.