Little prejudices you harbour

Short men all wish they were taller.

Hot women think everyone wants to do them.

Most office workers are malingerers. 

Young women who smoke are more sexually available. 

Hardship makes people in other countries noble. 

Strong dubtun here from unk, channeling a bit of the old days.

I'd add that I assume absolutely anything a lawyer says about the merits of any other occupation or profession is absolute bollocks. It's rebuttable, but rarely is it rebutted.

People who don't like tea are immature and need to grow up.

People who bleat on about needing their morning coffee are tossers.

Johnny Hellzapoppin'11 Sep 21 09:39

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TB - you might as well admit, as one lawyer told me, "lawyers save the world through our work".

Making the world a better place, one shell company at a time...


+1 big heh at this

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