Linklaters' injunction

so why not just do it in Munich? injunctions r weird

I don't know if he's a solicitor or not but he might be relatively safe in France if he never plans to return to the UK particularly after Brexit. It was certainly a bit strange to tip off his old firm that he planned to give the interviews. Perhaps he had no interntion of giving the interviews but just wanted Lnklaters to incur some court costs.

or maybe he thought he might get some of that lovely hush money too?

He was the director of marketing and had already been paid out.

Looks like they bought his silence to a point. He was very senior and was part of the executive board. All very strange .

lydia why does it matter if he is a solicitor or not , he had senior equity partner status .

Heh. Linklaters is very unlucky with its marketing heads

Indeed. In this case, I suspect particularly unlucky to have someone cottoned on how impossible it is to sell a certain image when faced with overwhelming evidence of the reality *Coughslappocough*

Heh, idiot. Links shouldn't have hired him in the first place. They could have called me.

Serious question, Chambers, what can a global head of marketing/BD bring to a MC firm? Mostly I would imagine work mainly just flows through the door , with name partners and teams at these sort of firms.

And lastly how do these positions get a seat on the exec board? I imagine it must royally piss off salaried and FSP/junior equity who are on half of what a BD director makes.

Summary, do the MC , struggle to get mandates to the extent they need to pay these people a lot of cash?

I’d have thought the average BD monkey is more valuable to most partners than any random due diligence/drafting/legal project manager “associate” quasi-automaton in their team

The oracle,maybe. But aren't most MC firms have relationships that are institutional as opposed to relationship driven. If it's the former I am not sure why these and similar firms need a hunfred plus BD staff?

I have been Marketing/BD Director before, at bigger firms than Linklaters. A challenging job to say the least.

I used to work for Linklaters BD&M and left a few months before Mr M. was sacked. While he may have a point concerning Linklaters' attitute towards women (above all non-fee earning minions), he himself is a major khunt and I am not at all surprised if he tries to blackmail Linklaters.

Ebit in this day and age most clients review their legal panels every three years or so and expect you to go through a whole tender process including shiny pitches covering your sustainability processes and the like.  Need BD people just to pull together all the boiler plate stuff for those.

It's in the FT today as well.

Someone asked why I asked if he were a solicitor not? Simply because he will have different duties depending on whether he is or is not. 

Will we be able to extradite from France in April if we have a non deal brexit? May be they have done some kind of  statutory instrument on that.

He's not a solicitor, degree in Business Administration.

many years ago, the Linklaters marketing head got the job because she phoned up the managing partner out of the blue and talked him into it. 

Said marketing head was fucking awful, changed her name and is now a fucking awful MP (although she excises Linkaters from her CV given that they eventually wised up to her)

sounds like not much has changed there

My room at the back of Silk Street used to overlook the City Mortuary.

I think (hope) it has since been relocated.

Queenie, that is shocking, to think a MC firm can be talked into spaffing north of 500k on an incompetent blagger. There again , law firms do  this kinda thing often.

TBF, the guy did seemingly have the right background and experience having held sennior positions at Deloitte.

yes Milton Court went about 10 years ago - Guildhall drama school there now

You don't get far by blagging in those jobs. I'm surprised he lasted six months.

Chambo, he did have the "right" pedigree/background . I think he must have left for other reasons. If I was a senior EP their, I would want to see a tangible ROI in quick order if he  was on 500k plus. I guess whatever the reason for his depearture, they thought it better to pay him a shed load of cash for him to leave..

No idea ebitda, I have never met the dude, but I could have probably sussed him out  within a few minutes.

Me? ex-BD Director of what are now the second and third biggest law firms in the world. For a combined total of around twelve years.