Lightroom event - David Hockney

It is fabulous. Joyful and peaceful. Hockney is so clever - he has invented a whole new medium to enjoy his work.

Cheers for the recommendation, have grabbed a ticket. I love Hockney. Wasn't won over by his ipad exhibition a few years ago, although I admired the inventiveness.

Pal went to this one at the weekend and also said it was great. He's going again without the kids to enjoy it properly.

I just read that review, I think he has missed the point entirely.

In this exhibition (if you can call it that) Hockney drives home the point of how it is important to paint because it forces you to see, really see, what is there, and this form of enjoying his work takes you through that process. It is instructive and rewarding for people like me who have no eductaion in appreciating art, and it isnt really very complicated, it is simple.

hope it is better than his last exhibition of stuff from his garden in France which was pretty boring.

There’s an events company that projects paintings onto walls and this smacks to me of him copping that tbh. But anything that gets ppl to look at art is good, obvs. 

Interesting- thanks for recommending - will take my 94 year old Dad and report back!

I understand some of the Guardian geezers criticisms but I think he’s missing the point - this is new art not a gimmicky second hand way of looking at old art, it’s different and not to be judged by the same criteria. Maybe I’ll agree it’s bullocks after I’ve been!

I think Minkie has got it more or less right. It's Hockney's story of a life spent learning to love painting. A love story, if you like.