Life hacks

Can't afford a new phone? Get a new phone cover. You'll feel better right away. 

I hate the expression and concept of “life hacks”. They are always either the bleeding obvious - “Smokers: save money by giving up smoking!” - or of such marginal benefit to your life that you have to be quite tragic to be bothered to use them.

Perfume can't. Missus had put testers where I put eye drops and I mistook one for t'other yesterday. Fúck me that smarts.

A tin bath suspended over a burning pallet works wonders for the weekly family bath if you're struggling to pay your utility bills.

Avoid buying new shoes every 6 months for growing children by buying 4 sizes too big and making them wear lots of socks. 

This is rhe simple HACK that the mortgage companies don't want YOU to know!!!!1!!!11







Just live in your car, peasant.

Finding yourself dehydrated after weeping salty tears over the tories’ latest debacle?

Drink more water 👍

Wash your willy carefully each morning so that you don't have to waste time washing your hands every time you go to the loo.