Leicester City


The fans were horrible when i spent a year in Leicester (filbert street then).  I am delighted they are down.  

I did enjoy the fun of them winning the league but basically hope they fall below blackburn.

The last team to properly win the league 

Before that you have to go back to united 

Can the squad stay together? There are some good players in there (albeit not many who showed it this year) who will surely be eaten up

Davos - what about Liverpool?  I can’t keep up with which teams are in your fantasy league. Liverpool aren’t owned or sponsored by a Middle Eastern government 

’Liverpool aren’t owned or sponsored by a Middle Eastern government’

Just StanChart, which is fine.

UTD ofc bankrolled by the Saudis.


Should be starting next season on -9 points for immolating financial fair play when getting promoted with a ÂŁ100m loss.

Man United should be raiding them for Tielemans and Maddison (possibly Barnes too), and forget Mason Mount.

Leicester are a middling sized city that naturally should have a club that oscillates between the top leagues - they have had their moment of global fame and now reverting to their natural role.

Leicestershire I think has only one League team, and it's got a population of 1m, so potentially a pretty big catchment area unique to it, much bigger than, say, Brighton or Bournemouth or even the Liverpool clubs.  But it's not about getting 50,000 through the gates every fortnight, more 1 multi-billionaire wanting a cleaner reputation.

I guess they don't need to sell given their billionaire sugar daddy funding them 

No wonder they bought the league and cup in recent years