Legal Sector workers union- will you join up?

available to anyone working in the legal sector from cleaners, to drivers, to paralegals and solicitors. This should fix fee earners gripes right ?

Dux and I are already on a picket line outside A&O.


I can't see it working, but I hope it does. Law firms are like gulags. 

3 ducks why do you think it won’t work then , it’s not like employers can object to fee earners and support staff joining up ?

I thought we had a union in the form of Law Society. Although they didn't get a memo on that. 

It won't work because of the culture of fear which pervades the junior ranks of the solicitors' profession.

Agree with dux

Also solicitors think they are above unionisation. They aren't workers they're Professionals!

I think today's young partners will really struggle to keep firms running if they don't wise up, tho.

3 ducks strength in numbers and all that?? 

Also could be a bit of good PR for the “major” / top 50 law firms?

People already can and do join unions. 

Not that unions do any good mind you. 


Yes, damn the comfy chairs, the good, free coffee, the client dinners in excellent restaurants, the interesting, enormously well paid work, the free comprehensive health scheme, the flexible working hours and the tickets to the rugby.

Damn them all in this accursed gulag.

Strutter in Uncle Tom non-shocka.


Just jesting, Clergs ;)

I think strutter is boss class tbf

No surprise he is protective of the slave labour

Hey, don't mind that some autistic sociopaths are making millions from screwing you over, imposing unrealistic billing targets, ruining your weekends and holidays, offering limited promotion prospects, and demanding you complete the most eye-wateringly dull tasks.

You've got comfy chairs!!

Outside the city firms (ie where most lawyers work) the pay is atrocious and the conditions inexcusable and you usually work for a tede 

" you usually work for a tede"

This really isn't the exclusive preserve of provincial firms.

True. I intended rather to distinguish from non law environments

And yet the gulags are still massively oversubscribed.

Especially when all other jobs have no deadlines, pressure or degree of repetition involved with them at all.

Most curious.

Because of the lingering cachet of law among the offspring of teachers

Few lawyers will recommend it to their kids

And yet still they come despite all your moanings.

And stay.

And prosper.

"and stay"

 Yes no one leaves because it is shit. No one ever. 


They don't tho do they. Not in the big firms where they trained anyway

Strutter in Partner is disingenuous about career in law non shocka 

And keel over at 60

Didn't someone say the senior partner of Burges Salmon a while back, had a heart attack?

(Not the chap having a heart attack, nor all the others who have had nervous breakdowns - I know of a couple personally - but rather Strutter's lame apologies for the conduct of law firms)

every year more people apply to the LPC (or whatever it's now called) than there are training contracts.

the demand for the gulag is off the chart!!

On the other hand, if I were the union rep, things could improve. We could have an industry code with a prohibition on whining by anyone under 5 pqe


No one applying for the LPC had any idea what actually working in a law firm is like. 



they think it will be the Good Wife or whatever

I don't think anyone envies a 50-something solicitor

barrister MAYbe

I didn’t say they all stayed, in what job is that true?

But the ‘gulag’ conditions strangely don’t mean there is a shortage of senior staff (unlike many other professions).  In fact rather the opposite is the case I would suggest.

The good wife confused me so much. There was one entire series that consisted of the two rival firms (in various formations of who was on one side or the other) chasing various contacts to sew ups their enormous annual legal spend. I don't think they actually recorded a single billable hour before the client jumped then jumped again.  


She had great clothes tho 

Mandatory no overtime after 5pm should work well

'Sorry old man, we just don't feel you are fully aligned. Not corporate timber'

I think there definitely is a shortage of good senior associates?

yeah the idea of having someone eyebrow raise when you leave your desk at the end of your contracted day is just

fuck off, Stanley

And in what way are my ‘apologies’ lame?

I am merely pointing out that people vote with their feet and the profession is oversubscribed at all levels. Hardly likely if it were the ‘gulag’ you described.

Facts, dear boy, facts.

If there is a shortage of good senior staff it's probably because they've all jumped ship early or been pushed. 

This idea of it being hugely "oversubscribed" at entry level is propaganda. I posted the stats on here a coupe of years ago. LPC passes v training contracts available. Virtually the same, or at least a ration of about 95%, and going back for a decade or so. If I cba, I'll dig them out and re-post.

Well it sure looks oversubscribed from where I sit with more than 30 applications for each TC I have been told by our grad recruitment folks.

Of course there are, because of multiple applications. Those 30 people will probably apply to 30 firms.

I can't find the latest figures, but in 2008/09 there were 5,824 LPC passes and 5,809 training contracts. So, while I feel sorry for the 15 bods who missed out, I don't think a 99.7% success rate really indicates enormous over-subscription.  

"Those 30 people will probably apply to 30 firms."


no way?! 


In 2006/07, there were 5,921 LPC passes and 6,012 training contracts available. So, happy days!

Wibble, I agree it's obvious but I felt it needed spelling out to Strutter.

Hey, don't mind that some autistic sociopaths are making millions from screwing you over, imposing unrealistic billing targets, ruining your weekends and holidays, offering limited promotion prospects, and demanding you complete the most eye-wateringly dull tasks.

Dux I can safely say that the only one of these things that happens where I work is unrealistic billing targets but nothing happens if you miss them so it's irrelevant.  Some of us also like days of dull tasks where we don't have to think and worry we've ballsed up something complex.

Clergs nobody here bats an eyelid if you leave early as long as there are no clients shouting stuff hasn't been done and that's the same in most places I've worked.

I have no intention of funding some tede in pursuing their political career whilst paying lip service to apparently trying to improve my working life.

Dux you seem to be ignoring the poor no hopers who are lured into doing the LPC at great expense only to fail and find they've wasted a year and a small fortune.

Sailers, it sounds like a veritable Utopia. You must work for Strutter.

"Dux you seem to be ignoring the poor no hopers"

I'm not ignoring anyone. I'm citing the statistics.

how many people started the LPC and dropped out though...

Irrelevant. We were talking about the levels of demand for entry level jobs in the profession.

sails, Can I have your nonny email please re: a conveyancing transaction


can't we broaden the conversation?

I wonder how many drop out of the profession during or after the training contract


We're also talking about the supply of those able to fill them. What %age of LPC grads are so utterly useless as to be viewed as a complete liability to even the dodgiest of NW1 postcode located firms about fried chicken shops?

Nope Dux just have a good sense having worked in numerous firms of what a firm is going to be like based on the people I meet before I start working there.  There are plenty of decent firms to work for if you're not worried about the fact that people outside the profession haven't heard the name.

You can't talk about demand for jobs if you ignore people who fail the LPC.  They will have applied for training contracts and want jobs but don't get them or may get them after retakes.

Fail rate used to be 70%? Not sure when that was , but the LPC has long since been virtually a course that is impossible to fail.

But back on topic I can think of a few mediocre solicitors who'd love to lead a union and then segue into politics and earn far more than they'd have earned doing law.

I assume you mean the pass rate. It was 69% in 1996/97 but has risen to 67% by 08/09.

"I thought we had a union in the form of Law Society."

After the financial crash the Gazette wrote an article telling partners how to lay associates off.  I wrote to them saying the Gazette (and Law Society) was for all solicitors, not just partners, and those being laid off would find it odd that their bosses were getting advice to do it from their own trade union.  They edited my letter so it didn't make sense when published and told me "The Law Society wouldn't like to be referred to as a trade union".

My m7 dave sat 6 exams on the LPC and managed to fail 7 of them.  The bonus fail was the professional ethics questions that were weaved in to the other papers.

TBF he did see more gusset that year than a smear test dr

 Some of us also like days of dull tasks where we don't have to think and worry we've ballsed up something complex

says a lot if this is seen as a bonus. 

Yup tried doing all that cutting edge stuff and using my brain and didn't like it.  It's bad enough just trying to understand the stamp duty regime these days.