Legal Alieniz

Im intrigued by you.

You told me the story and we don't need to go into that again, but then I remember "meeting" you online, just around the time that my beloved OB was telling her tale of leghooking.

So what are you up to now? Loved up? Coked up? Concentrating on work?

Your audience needs a fix old bean.  Let us know all.


I am quite well thanks. My approach to life has remained largely unchanged.

I’m intrigued to know why anyone is intrigued by legalalien tbf tbh

I'm not intrigued. he's paying to attend an evening with jrm, ffs

JRM... ...he has the mind of a true polymath and prophet.

Unfortunately he's also like an intercontinental missile guided by algorithms from the book of Revelations...

State of spinsters these days.

Bit rich coming from you Tecco. State of your life these days...

DD King - point of order - I am not paying to attend an evening with JRM. My ticket was free with a subscription to the Spectator.