Leaving a job without saying goodbye

No firmwide email, no cringing presentation, no final week swanning around pretending to hand things over. This is the dream, no?

I did this 

Why wouldn't I? 

Don't burn bridges just don't build them 

Still in touch with those I want to be in touch with 

early days in law I left Freshfields to join CC.  I found Ff stifling and limiting. CC was a broader church for me before diversity and inclusion were things.  I had lunch with my friends then I said goodbye to two partners I liked and then I quietly got my bag, went down to security, handed in my pass and left through the loading bay doors round the side in Bouverie St, rather appropriately emerging into the bin area and sidled off without further ado. 

They ask me to leave then I say thank you for letting me go then they feel bad. Secretaries weep. Partners curse. Do drop by if you ever need employment advice or anything like that. 

Similarly to Mutters I left my first (Magic Circle) place at about 18 months PQE. Very much the same thing. It was a big department and the market was hot so people were coming and going constantly. Said goodbye to my roommate and one or two others and snuck out the door. No presentation, no cake.  Being me I did go out and get sh1tfaced with my friends from the firm that night but they were almost exclusively trainee mates rather than people from my department.