Least Favourite English Town

Corby - an indescribable shit heap.

Aldershot. Empty shop unit next to betting shop next to empty shop unit next to non descript white goods store.

Home of the British Army is/was Aldershot.  Some fond memories, not so much of the town which was a dump back then let alone now.


Great Yarmouth is almost indescribably appalling 

There are loads of shit heaps.... Minehead, Wigan, St Helens, Huddersfield, Halifax... just as a starter

I’m from Huddersfield, went back there not long ago. It’s got worse.

Huddersfield has got some amazing architecture. The square outside the railway station is incredible. If the place was 200 miles south it would be praised.

Yeah, “most splendid station in England” per Betjeman. The town itself seems to be dying on its arse though.

Apart from the Butlins at the end of the promenade, Minehead’s not too bad at all.

And it’s the terminus for a lovely steam railway.

The worst I've visited recently are Cleethorpes, Crawley and Saunthorpe.

Despite sounding quite romantic, Redruth is a bit of a tip.

For such a historical town, Hastings is unbelievably grim

Newton Abbot is surrounded by beauty but devoid of soul 

Great Yarmouth is horrific even though it has a large sandy beach.

Others: Telford, Stoke and Newcastle under Lyme, Walsall, Northampton, Bedford, Warrington, Basildon, Slough.

Telford and Stoke are definitely up there (I've lived in Telford). I'm trying to remember the name of a particularly grim town I once visited near leominster.  Again one of those grim towns surrounded by beautiful countryside.


Hull (at least the centre) is way nicer than most of the towns on this thread.  Admittedly as soon as you step out it's a hellhole.

Hull doesn’t deserve to be on this thread. And I say that as a yellow belly.

Goole. Really indescribably grim in itself, and your choice of a more glamorous night out is between Hull and Doncaster.


Hull and Portsmouth are really nice. Beautiful old town areas and full of history and vibrancy (the good kind).

Southampton is a dump with zero redeeming features.

Not going to argue with goole.

although their local website is supposed to be worth millions. 

If the absolute best thing about a town is you can see a different town in the distance, you're in real trouble. 

I haven’t visited either but I have already passed judgement on Kettering and Boston being terrible 


Worst Welsh town:  Newport

Don't know enough about Scotland

Hastings was grim.  Lots of dreadful places in North Wales - Mold, Flint and Wrexham are all bloody awful. 

To both the people who've said Boston: i know who you are. I'm coming for you. 

Its close between Staines and Chipping Norton. 

Not going to argue with goole.

How do you feel about brough?

Crewe is dire. Well you get to say you live in Cheshire at least.

Crewe's fine. 

What makes Crewe so bad but, say, Guildford so good? 

Fvck all. Apart from you're less afraid of Guildford. 

I had a gf from Alsager so went out in Crewe a few times. Awful compared to everywhere around it. Nothing but a rail junction and a football team.

Crewe's fine. 

If you were discerning you'd go out in Nantwich. 

Everything outside of London in the UK is crap and a waste of time. 8 million people live in London. 

About 30 million are over 50, 20 million over 60, so they retire to live out their lives in obscurity outside London because they can't afford to live there or are generally too uneducated to have ever worked there.

End of thread.

Never been to Corby. 

My hypothesis is that the real true shitholes are in southern England. Both Gillingham and Dover are absolutely dire places.

Never been to Guildford but I used to work at Leighton Hospital and hated it. Went out in Crewe a few times as a result and it was a total dump. 

the likes of hull, southampton are cities, so not sure y they have been named


ipswich is the worst town

The shout above for Redruth is not a bad call, and its neighbour Camborne - inland Cornish towns are pretty grim  - see also Bodmin, but at least they are all close to the beautiful coasts.

Dunstable. Got lost there on way to Whitstable. Oh dear.

Chimp do you have a Huddersfield accent ?

im not a lover of Crawley 

Why are there so many crap towns? 

De-industrialisation, globalisation, the internet has rendered many small to midsize town largely pointless in their own right as there is not much local industry and many of the goods and services which used to be provided by the small to midsize town can be better provided centrally or nationally. Why shop in a shitty clothes shop in Stoke if you can order nicer better stuff for less over the internet?


 I used to work at Leighton Hospital and hated it. 

I spent a week in Leighton once. Thought it was quite nice as hospitals go. 

Chimp is from Huddersfield? Weird the only doctor I know irl is from there too

Another vote for Corby. It's got all the worst bits of Glasgow and none of the nice architecture.

Saunthorpe is pretty grim too. As is Newport in Wales.

All former steel towns that haven't really adjusted to life after a single massive employer.

The answer is Wolverhampton.  Most of the above are grim but you can see the apocalypse from the train window when you go through Wolverhampton.

Rex, you must have got lost really early on in your journey!!

Another vote for Aldershot. To me, it symbolised to me all of the lobotomised backwardness, institutionalisation and infantilisation inherent in the British Army. That's probably not the town's fault, but nonetheless it has 'Army' inextricably embedded within it, like the words embedded within Blackpool rock.

How could Andover be anyone's least favourite town?? It's entirely inoffensive.

Corby still is a steel town, Tata has a huge plant there

Scotland I would probably go for Livingston.

England I would say Stockton on Tees

Don't really know wales

The Tata plant in Corby is a fraction of the size of the original British Steel works. It employs less than 10% of the people that BS did at the peak in the 80's.

And it's still a shithole.

Some of the South Wales post industrial Valleys towns are really grim and post apocalypse stuff.  Pontypridd, Merthyr Tydfil, Cwmbran, Pontypool places like that.  Cardiff is a bustling City and fine, Swansea is improved and so-so.  But Newport (which has been mentioned) is pretty bad though nothing compared to the Valleys proper as at least it's a Bristol/Cardiff commuter place.  Just no real reason for those places to exist any more unfortunately.

Being from Cheshire originally (Chester) I'm in the Crewe is grim camp myself though it's not as bad as Runcorn or Widnes if you count those as being in the old Cheshire.  Stockton and Corby are very bad agreed.  Add in Hastings, Luton, Slough and Gillingham nearer to London.

Has anybody mentioned Peterborough? Went there for a meeting once. Walked around town afterwards wondering where the nice bit is.

Milton Keynes is ugly and weird. Surprised the number of people who, at some point of their lives, wanted to move there.

Telford is strange, not sure how crap it is as I just saw the bizarre town centre.

Went to Stoke once for a 10.30 hearing. Was adjourned till 2pm so I decided to see what Stoke had to offer. By 10.35 I was done. 

RKD - did you miss the massive huge feckoff cathedral in Peterborough?  If so, how?

Scep I did in fact miss the Cathedral, so horrified was I by the rest of the place

Despite being from Stoke I have no beef with people thinking of it as a shithole.

I do however object to its description as a 'town', bearing in mind a population of quarter of a million (more if you include Newcastle-under-Lyme next door) and its city status since way back (about 100 years ago since you ask...)

I have also lived in Wolverhampton.  Although it has grim bits it's nowhere near as depressing as nearby Telford.

‘Being from Cheshire originally (Chester) I'm in the Crewe is grim camp myself though it's not as bad as Runcorn or Widnes’

Shout out to Winsford.

Frank if you're from Stoke surely you wouldn't dream of claiming Newcastle UL as part of the city (and vice versa)

Can I just say how underrated this reply is?


lindaradlett08 Jul 21 18:17


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Pretty unreasonable that Linda.

Heh, that clearly went over most heads boo

Stoke also gets a pass for oatcakes and two decent football clubs.

I couldn’t be the kind of person who thinks his own home town is a shithole.

My wife’s from Wakefield. That’s quite a dour town.

Surprised Kidderminster aka Kidder aka Kiddy hadn't already been included - although it may have slightly more charm than Redditch including a statue by a statue of Rowland Hill by Thomas Brock the sculptor who did the Victoria Memorial. 

Cant say I'm fond of Salisbury. So non-descript...

Kiddy is saved I'd say by the Severn Valley Railway, it's station and the pub in the station plus the top notch food and soup at Aggborough the football ground.  Otherwise yes a dump.

Bar Guildford, all those places voted heavily for Brexit as it will transform them.

Good shout on the severn valley railway! - it is amazing if anyone get the chance I cant recommend it enough.

I miss the sugar beet towers though - hasn't been the same since. 

Also love the fact that the victorians split the river stour that goes through the town centre into two so the carpet mills could pump more waste and dye in to them - those were the days!