Laz sun I had a look at the Ribble Endurance SL Disc

Tell u what it looks ripe in black. 

Surely you would use their custom colour tool to build something unique?

What groupset are you thinking?

Issue is the top spec isn’t really a comfort machine. Nice looking mind. I’m all-road myself as it rolls. 

Stocks? Heh. Did you see what Big Tech did this week? Finish your TC lad and Unkle will tell you about life. 

Tbf if I was doing a TC, I've done one better than you 

Allllllll those applications and still a prop lot paralegal in reading 

“If I were”, not “if I was”. 

Apart from drafting in your native language, what else are you chav at?

Everything m7 

Came from nothing

Now dominating

You came from wealth and now have less wealth 

Sad. Poor. Do better. Graft. Follow davos for more tips and tricks 

Not all of us get everything on a plate m7 

At least when I give it the big 'i am', I actually am. Not relying on mummy's generosity 

No worries this side 

I raise them right 

No Tabithas and Timothys 

They won't get it on a plate, they'll work hard, find a pashun

Then I'll consider giving them a massive inheritance