Actually had a half page in the Times this morning.

It's been inundated by new members in Minsk apparently.

No chance of getting scammed there then.

If they’re getting ‘whipped by a banker at 3am’ why do they need the app?

Fugg me they've played a blinder. On a personal note, maybe I should get back on there. I tried but only with scant info and a blank picture.

Tbf RoF owes this success to myself.

I came on here pretending to represent RoF and giving information about the new app role out, which prompted someone to search for rollonfriday on Google Play and then discover the as yet unpublicised Lawyr App.

Yeah who needs the Daily Mail when you have Chris the Cabbie?

They definitely put it out there earlier than intended. I often imagine the meetings they had.

Have I mentioned before that I've actually met Matthew.

I wanted to launch a RoF for cabbies and we met to discuss this.

I was disappointed that he didn't share my vision.

Basically I wanted to use the RoF technology / experience, and their office to launch the website.

Bottom line is he said,  

"Good luck with that mate, get your own website and let me know when you're up and running."

Tbf I think he would have helped me in a consultancy role if I'd have done this.

But my point was that I didn't know how to do all that stuff but could come up with the content.

It appears from the DM story to be an app for women named jemima

Re the DM article - Is Jemima on the site or just click bait library photo? 

No idea. Hope those are stock photos not actual married members 

Disappointing they didn’t use tecco or chills profiles 

Would be amusing for the Daily Mail and other newspapers to discover Rof more widely. They could have a field day with some of the views and personalities of “high-flying” city lawyers on here...