The Law Society Building

Has anyone actually used this?

I once took a sh1t there after being caught short leaving Cheshire Cheese.

I went there to collect my "I'm a Solicitor now" certificate but otherwise, no. 

Yes, I go in sometimes for a bite to eat. Used to use the library back in the day, but the interwebby has made that less important now.

I've used the library there from time to time for particular things. It's a good library with very helpful staff. Cloakrooms etc were nice too last time I was there.

I haven't seen the library. Is there anything there I wouldn't find on eg Lexis? Might pop down.

I thought this might be a good thread to tell one of the strories about the times (multiple) when I have shat myself, but it's not.

I thought this might be a good thread to tell one of the strories about the times (multiple) when I have shat myself, but it's not.

You're wrong.

I use it to meet people when I go to London.  The room they have open downstairs is freezing in winter.  They have lovely Christmas Trees in it though!

I’ve never used it but I note it has a bar, which is good, and I do love a good library, so am a bit rueful about never having done so. Glad the library survived and I will try to check it out when it reopens. Do you have to show your law soc card to get in? No idea where mine is.

The Library's worth a visit if you've never been. I haven't for many years, but if it's still the same it's a good one - quite atmospheric if a little small with different levels and spiral staircases and almost certainly the best thing about The Law Society I've ever had out of it. Even if you just find a quiet corner to read a choice tome or the newspaper. Pick the right staff and it's great for research too though (or at least used to be).

I took my mum there when she visited London to make it feel official and lawyery.

Think I went once after that annual legal charity walk across London that happens every year, when I was a trainee. 

Can anyone wander in and have a drink or a meal or sit in the library? I don't have any ID showing I'm a solicitor - unless they accept business cards?

Yeah the library was great. Only used it once about 15 years ago. Due to a weird deal in a former British colony I had to figure out what the law on something fairly obscure was in the UK in the 1890s.  The staff were super helpful about finding old long since repealed statutes etc.

The Library is good.


Though a number of people think I would enjoy hearing stories about how they either had sex or a blow job in there

I've not been there since my admission ceremony, which was entirely 'window dressing' and was actually several weeks after I was admitted to the Roll.  Unlike when you are called to the Bar, and you call date reflects the day you are admitted.

Call to the Bar was way more fun.  Lots of pomp and ceremony and a decent garden party in the sunshine after.  


I love a riot around in a good library, Phoebs