Law firms as football clubs

Or at least law brackets. Kirkland are PSG/Man City (new money on the scene disrupting the market). Slaughters are Arsenal (prestige but no European presence). Freshfields/Links are Man United. CC are Real Madrid/Barca. Dickson Minto are Rangers. 

Help me out here

Slaughters are Arsenal (prestige but no European presence).

Very good.  They have a Brussels office though don't they?

Shame SJ Berwin aren't still knocking about.  They'd be perfect to be Millwall. No one likes us we don't care

been puzzling over who Leicester would be. some  firm who most people like and punches well above its weight! 

I dont think Leicester are like a law firm which is probably a good thing.

Spurs = CMS. Schemes of world domination have quickly dissipated yet still hold puzzlingly inflated views of their own importance. Disliked by almost everyone. 

West Ham = Eversheds. Old skool and quite cheap. Occasionally flirt with the big time but will never really make it.

Norwich = Osborne Clarke. Sensibly run, liked by most, nice opponents, no real threat to anybody. 

Leicester could be Macs, OC or Travers as they’re all very good and well liked. 

Yes OC is a good shout, def not a London MC type outfit, 

OC have in my experience always punched above their weight an seem to be staffed by very good lawyers who enjoy a quality of life.

Memery Crystal would be Milwall, I think.

Skadden are Chelsea. And not just because Bruce Buck.

OC are Norwich, lucky and pleased to be invited. DLA = Aston Villa, second biggest team in the Midlands. 

DLA are Sheffield Wednesday. They used to be (just about) still relevant in the 90s.

Latham are probably Bayern Muenchen, Barcelona or Real Madrid.

Nabarro, however, are the gods among men that are Sheffield United (although perhaps edging closer to Spurs with the CMS merger).

Mishcon are Crystal Palace. They consider themselves a London club. Whereas they are really a club that happens to be in London.

I turned down an NQ job at OC and I do regret it on a semi-regular basis. 

Eversheds are Everton. Delusions of grandeur but everyone rightly thinks they are shite. 

Nah Pinsents are Everton. Make a good account of themselves but never the big time.

You really dislike. Never had a particular negative opinion of them.

Man U = Freshfields.

This is not as good as my thread about law firms if they weren’t law firms. 

Linklaters are Spurs. Somehow talked about in the magic circle/big six but there is no way they compete with the others on quality.

Herbies are Leeds. They’ll take you down at the knees. 

Maples = Cambridge Utd

not the same force since Dublin