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Law firm redundancies

The time sheet chasing continues. Looks like cuts coming soon. 

People chasing time to fill time sheets or firms chasing people to produce time sheets and fill them?

Get your time sheets in. I expect they've been told decisions on redundancies will be based on figures for Q3.  

Prudent law firms Slash and burn 10% of their pay roll every year anyway

So they are well placed for any down turn 

Those pay rises over the last year don't look so clever now. It's almost as if law firms aren't well run.

The associates that moved for cash recently and are refusing to come into the office are easy and cheap to dump 

So it's not a big issue for firms really 

Anyone not doing their time sheets is a mug anyway

I’m behind on my time sheets but well ahead of the average re time recording so fairly tuglite tbh.

all major law firms were running on exhausted resources last year due 2 a lack of associ7s

caused immense panic that they couldn’t hire

even a year of quiet won’t b enough 4 them 2 go even leaner, not just yet. they’r wise 2 the inability 2 scale up when business picks up again if they have no slack

they will just cut budgeted bonuses

Tbh if law firms are as full of fvckwits as the bloated tech based cos all shedding jobs like there's no tomorrow a few timesheets aren't going to make the difference. It's almost as if nobody reads anything sent to them anymore. "Would you like the audiobook version and a pizza?"

You’re not the boss of me OGR. Not even my boss is the boss of me.

Without prejudice to the above, I confirm that I have now submitted my time sheets.