Last night of the proms

Who's in


The audience aren't

Good. No audience. That thing used to make me embarrassed to be English.

Rah rah central.

Some here may disagree. I can guess who. 

As with so many things, the audience is 50% of the experience.

At least there won't be loads of cretins waving EU flags this year.  

What the fuck is this hybrid version of Jerusalem?

Heh. Wot Escaping Puppy said.

Chambo, the Yanks are much more cringeworthy when it comes to patriotism, and you know where you can stick your stars and stripes, lad.

My god this is toss.  Completely soul-less without the audience.  

I don't agree. That was a great arrangement of Land of Hope and Glory. 

It lacks any sense of occasion or grandiose without the full orchestra and audience.  

I just wonder if it could be the last ever LNOTP.  Albert Hall is apparently fucked if it doesn't get a Government loan in Dec.

I agree about the orchestra. I don't think the audience matters a damn.

Ugh, the British are so weak when it comes to showing patriotism. Every other European country manages it (apart from Germany obvs)

A good effort but just not the same without a huge choir and a few thousand boozed up nutters.

It can be a bit cringe with some of the fancy dress but have you ever met an American ffs??

The goid thing about British patriotism is that it's done with a sense of humour. Shermans are so bloody earnest. 

Jerusalem was a hatchet job. I felt sorry for the orchestra.

The 're-imagining' was neither needed or done well. It's as if somebody took a fairly genial patriotic song and stomped on it, then for good measure, pissed all over it too.

The BBC really is becoming less and less watchable.

They should do the Sex Pistols version of God Save the Queen for lols.