I have a wrap dress which, without a brooch, can somtimes display an embarrassment of décolletage (it only does up with a sash - no buttons / zips etc).  Do you reckon that affixing press studs would work? And how much do you reckon that alteration would be?

Weirdly i just threw out a dress for this flaw, jc.

I think studs would work i just can't be bothered (also in the case of my dress the wrap showed too much leg)

press studs can snap or pull on the fabric weirdly.

would recommend to get it to a seamstress to sew the top part on the inside (invisible) and maybe to insert a safety somewhere the waist and or top of leg area.

I might do that Tricky, as it's a jolly useful dress.  

Sadly I am not blessed of booty, so I am not fussed about the bottom bit, just the top.

Wot Tricky said - with press studs, you are almost certain to end up with gaps, you'd do much better to get the offending area sewn up.

If it's light fabric I think it would be hard to adjust or add a fastener and it not ruin the way the wrap sits. Would a silk cami work in a contrast colour?

Otherwise it's just the downside of having boobs, and a humblebrag, give it to a flatter friend.

I have taken to wearing brooches to fasten cardigans without buttons or keep wrap tops together. Might make this a thing. Have collected a handful of lovely vintage gold and silver ones. 

I have a lovely vintage leopard brooch which I currently wear; need some more.

Maybe Butler & Wilson in the sale.

If it is sewn up you will get the same puckering as with studs.

either a same colour vest underneath (q low cut so as to just cover the most of the boobage) or stick with the brooches, I use them as well.

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Hey this thread took a turn I wasn’t expecting. Seems rather dull now to suggest a dressmaker. 

Press studs are fine if you use enough of them and position properly.  I just sew them on myself.

Alternatively, lace camisoles and petticoats sort the issue.

Plus 1 for using brooches and especially bar brooches as they are less likely to sag/pull on the fabric 

er, it 2 me sounds like neither a brooch, nor a sash, nor buttons nor zips nor press studs nor nething else 4 that matter is truly needed

You could have a tuck stitch put in to close the gap, which looks neater than a press stud. I have a dress I keep forgetting to get this done for. Last time I had a simple stitch done to a dress it was about £9. As a DIY job I’ve pinned my dress with a tiny safety pin pinned from the under side so it doesn’t show 

I had a zip replaced in a pair of jeans recently and it was only £12. I thought that was very cheap. Hooray for all the Hong Kongers expatting over here and their cheap tailoring.

It’s very satisfying having changes made to clothes rather than ditching them and buying new 

Yeah totally -- I learnt how to patch up holes via Instagram and fixed an underarm hole on an old dress, sewing over it in the shape of a leaf. So proud. Bloody love seeing the reels with visible and invisible mending techniques. It's really inspiring.  That insta algorithm owns me.