peri-menopause ☹️

it is horrible. really horrible. the pain. the joints in my hands are so sore I can’t grip a pen properly. and that’s one of the less gory symptoms. it can last for years. I cried today at the thought.


I dropped a cornetto on my face. I was laying in bed eating it and my crappy fingers dropped it. I’m losing my mind.



:( and hugs 

can you take HRT? Although don’t know if it helps joint symptoms...

i already have crappy hands thanks to arthritis

I am not looking forward to this



I think I'm heading into this. Or it's motor neurone disease.

big hug its shite eh 

What qe asked re hrt

Bodies are fucking awful

(TBF I wouldn't count on that, martian, just differently awful)

Ps apparently the only other creatures to have menopause are whales and afterwards they become pod leaders! Someone was telling me on the other side her lifelong depression was basically gone. Something to think about.

I don’t think you can have hrt until hormones drop quite a lot. I don’t fancy it tho I’m paranoid 

I would rather the tiny tiny risk increase over the utter physical and mental misery but yeah it doesn't seem a panacea

I have a Mirena I can leave in until death as had it replaced at 45...apparently it diminishes menopausal symptoms as I don’t have periods.

I suppose I should start reading up on all this really rather than being in denial 

I dropped a hotdog on my crotch the other day.  First bite - sausage escaped and landed dead on my groinal region, together with ketchup and mustard.  

Troosers needed 3 washes.


I don’t think I trust the mirena I reckon it would make what’s left of my menstrual cycle go mental.  Although it already is 

I would love a hysterectomy tbh (ovary sparing)

Yeah I think I’ve been one of the lucky ones on it, seems to have really bad side effects for some women

heh at wang 

Jesus what gives you pain in the joints from menopause??? Tam a few of my pals have got that bio HRT on the nhs and all claim it’s been absolutely transformative ( they all got fobbed off with the cheap stuff first and then the GP caved and came up with the good gear)