Labour will install in socialist BoE Governor

Any good idea of who it might be? I like Mcdonnel's idea of driving to the Treasury and demanding capital controls are put in place to stop a run on the pound.… 

Oh God and all that is holy, it'll be Gordon Brown, wont it

With a Corbyn government there will certainly come appointments of true believers to important posts like Governor of the Bank of England.  These will not be moderate socialists like Gordon Brown but vicious Leninist wreckers determines to destroy society from within and build a new, enslaved utopia on the ruins.

Expect new Judges who do not know any law,  new Generals whose concern is equality not defence and new Permanent Secretaries chosen for being handy with a firing squad.  

They will not care how many die in the process.

Can I just HEH@ the idea of a  Corbyn government. 


Never going to happen. ever. 



Corbyn has been a staunch supporter of brexit for 40 years and he finally got his wish


There would be a certain symmetry of Broon being installed.  After all, he's the guy who sold off all our gold reserves at rock bottom prices and broke his own Golden Rules about government spending, plus left the country without any money left in the coffers right at the point the biggest financial crash in living memory came into being.  So if he wants to introduce capital reserves, I think we should make him contribute from is pocket money at the rate of 50p per week, and smack his legs with a wooden ruler on a daily basis to remind him not to fuck it up again. 

I’m not sure that smacking the legs of someone with that many varicose veins would  be medically wise

It’s like both tories and Labour have been hijacked by extremists and muppets

Genuine audible laugh out loud at Clergham's 14.16