Labour Party Rachel Riley Anti-Semitism

She was doing reallly well until the C4 interview. Does anyone know who’s acting for her?

All kicking off again on Twitter. We clearly need another general election to sort all of this nonsense out. 

She’s a great face for any discussion about AS, being blonde and blue-eyed.

She should stick to adding up double digit numbers on the television imo. 

Where did the 'Riley' bit come from? 

Unless she claims her Jewishness through the women 

Sorry what the fuck? She’s blonde with the surname Riley so she can’t be Jewish and talk about anti-Semitism?! My Bar Mitzvah class was about a third blonde and most had pretty banal sounding English surnames not unlike Riley. 

Surely it is immaterial what her creed is. Is she not allowed to oppose prejudice unless she is a direct victim? Like saying a white person cannot condemn another anti-black racist white person. Nonsense.

Maybe she has Jewish heritage, maybe she doesn't.  She has every right to criticise what she considers to be prejudice or double standards in those who would seek to lead the country or already are in political office and she has a platform of sorts from which to do so as she is a public figure with a following*


*of pervy middle aged men mostly, I concede.

She is Jewish and describes herself as Jewish which is the context in which the vitriol against her needs to be seen. While it is admirable that non-Jews stand up proudly against anti-Semitism that doesn't make her Judaism irrelevant.

Unless she claims her Jewishness through the women 

Exactly like most Jewish people, then?!

Wilfred - my point was not that her Jewishness was irrelevant, but that IF she was not Jewish that was irrelevant as she was still entitled to make the point.

I was going to post a ruder pic than Buzz's but I am showing restraint and professionalism (who are you and what have you done with the real muttley etc)

They’ve created a story about her having meetings with Reece- Mogg heh. 

Corbyn and his supporters are pretty unpleasant.  

Plus she’s fit so she’s got my vote for PM. 

I have totally lost track of this debate

This is one of the very few ladies that would be capable of stopping me from wibbling on about my ex.  I fully heart her.

Thus everything she says is true.


And wot mutters said. FWIW RR's mother is Jewish and, as I've always understood it, it's a matrilineal thing.

Dragging the thread back to its real topic:  are Dexy's Midnight Runners on whizzzz ?

can someone pls summarise?  this thread makes no sense to me

Rachel Riley threw her toys out the pram. That's it really.