Kyrigous -V- Nadal - This is a great watch, proper antagonising each other, they actually might square up seemingly

Wot ZG said

The Greek fellow is awful. Come on, Rafa! 

What three said. Rafa has been called out openly about being a drug cheat in the most open terms with journalists saying sue me then, and he never does. The evidence is overwhelming

Tennis has to be the most limp, wet lettuce of a sport going. Even crown green bowls has got more going on

Kyrgios sounded like a proper bell end in the press conference.

Nadal successfully sued the former French minister of sport for defamation.  His drug tests were hacked by Russians among other athletes and released publicly.  He has never failed a drug test and has received two TUEs to allow him to take anti inflammatory injections during the time he was being treated (and wasn’t even playing).

Where is the evidence exactly ebitda?

it was such a good match to watch. Kyrgios is inspired and then loses his mental strength 

It must have been a huge relief when the operacion puerto blood bags were destroyed. Tbf they'll all be at it, like Djokovic's sudden improvement, oh wait no, I forgot that was down to him giving up gluten... 

my post was supposed to convey hargo's thoughts on the matter

"The Greek fellow"?

Come on Ducko.  I know some would like to disown him, but just because you're upset that the streets of Melbourne (or Canberra in his case) no longer resemble the depictions in your 1930s school picture book about the Empire, doesn't mean you have to pretend to be obtuse.

His mum's actually Malay.  How about that!?

Where is the evidence exactly ebitda?


Burned in a Spanish lab along with the Spanish National and Barcelona team's blood samples IIRC.  Along with the lab's computer servers, unfortunately :(

"Kyrgios sounded like a proper bell end in the press conference"

OMG, seriously??!! How could this be?

Well Dux I suspect it might be because he is actually an ocean going super tanker sized bell end.

Kyrgios sounded like a proper bell end in the press conference"

He really did. Get over yourself m8. You can only have that attitude and get away with it when you're at the top or getting there fast. As things stand, you're sh1t so come across as a gobby little disrespectful pr1ck.

McEnroe tends to speak sense on most things, and he thinks the guy's a twat.

Mc pulled off throwing insults around the court with class. This guy is a bad copy.

To be fair to Kyrgios he's doing a good job of balancing being good enough to enter the major tournaments and get through a few rounds and get some sponsorship deals without busting a gut and staying out of the pub.  It's just the attitude that's irritating.

The difference is that Mac got into trouble because he cared. He wanted to win.

This guy's a spoiled rich kid who doesn't care about the game.

What sails in part said. TBF I like his interviews win or lose , there is no fake fawning over how he likes and respects his rivals,and what GREAT players they are ( see Federer , Djocvic,,Rafa et al) who all appear to have billions of hours of media and PR training. Just untainted, unvarnished interviews, without a nod to what people think of him.