Kim Kardashian is going to be a lawyer

She's really really annoying about it isn't she

Like, yeah, your dad was one and so what

Given who her father was I'm not sure this is that surprising is it?

She kept banging on about how quickly she could grasp the concepts

I just don't even care Kim

Why do intellectually insecure people think that becoming a lawyer proves that they're not stupid or pointless? 


Why do people pay an attention to these memes?

Stop reading about them, stop following them and you can pretend they don't exist. 

I’d be glad if she actually did become a lawyer and managed to achieve something useful in her life for the first time ever.

Look, I can’t stand her or her absurd clan, but she seems to have been moved by some of the high profile causes she spoke up for (various considered miscarriages of justice relating to women) and if she does qualify and then works for a better world, why not?  

Good luck to her, I hope (hah) that this isn’t some silly fad or publicity stunt.  

"the hard way"?

What being a milti-millionaire with vast connections and a famous lawyer dad?

I say good for anyone who's happy to try and take on reform of the US criminal justice system.  Given her high profile she might actually be able to achieve change and get a few convictions overturned.

I'm currently reading John Grisham's the Innocent Man and it's terrifying the reliance that the US system places on dubious confessions and information from jail house snitches looking for a shorter sentence.


relying on none of those




ok m8. 

Has she given away all her money and gone to do it under an assumed name where no one knows who she is? 


Pretty much. She'd been doing this apprenticeship for nearly a year before anyone found out,

"found out" uh huh.


see also ""I'm sitting in the Roosevelt Room with, like, a judge who had sentenced criminals and a lot of really powerful people and I just sat there, like, Oh - I need to know more," Kim says."


with, like, a judge

Wibble it's his one and only foray into non-fiction and it's rather good.

oh non fiction. din't realise. I quite like his books even though they all have the same 4 character and predictable themes and story line  

Some of his later ones with non-legal themes have been really good but yes I've gone off the courtroom based ones for being even more samey than Jack Reacher novels.

This is the true story of a man convicted of murder in a small town in the US who had a history of mental problems but nobody ever suggested he wasn't fit to stand trial.

All part of the rolling back of the Enlightenment and destruction of society. 

In Equador, cars are revered as holy animals. They believe them to be the physical manifestation of their ancestors and so they place great care in their food and treatment.

Some sects within the country actually worship them as gods, keeping special groves in their house gardens where only members of the family in question are allowed to visit them.  The gardens are maintained by one specific gardener for each family who is usually the son of a trusted retainer who was selected for the job from birth.

The gardeners have to be castrated before the age of 13 but it is considered a great honor to have a child appointed as one of these holy men, they are rewarded with a lifetime supply of fajitas.

Oh brilliant it was the wrong thread too. HEH!

Epic selfpwn there by me I’m afraid.