Kids and comedy

What age do you think it is OK to start showing your kids more adult comedy?

I remember enjoying Blackadder at around that age and want to start introducing them to that, Monty Python and The League of Gentlemen. Think they are just about old enough - 11.5 and 13.

I would say that is old enough, be prepared for the fact that they probably won't find it funny at all though :(

Showed my 10 year old the 'bring out your dead' and 'we've found a witch, may we burn her?' clips of the Holy Grail yesterday to a) demonstrate the genius of the late great Terry Jones and b) because she's doing the Middle Ages in school.

She didn't laugh and didn't understand why they were funny.

No way I'm letting her near Blackadder until she learns to appreciate it!!


TBH in comparison to what they are likely to see on the internet, all mainstream tv comedy is likely to be relatively tame in comparison.  Any innocence we may have had to early teens is not experienced by children today I reckon. 

That's my worry - they liked the "How not to be seen" sketch and they really like Little Britain (I don't) and Fawlty Towers. I loved Blackadder at 13 but want them to enjoy seeing it for the first time.

Stuff like Friends is very mainstream but actually quite problematic as there is a lot of sexual content which is why it is a 12. 


Holy Grail is only a 12A - that was the one I was thinking of starting with but Queenie's experience mirrors some of mine with showing them the odd clip of things I find funny. Think the Meaning of Life would be too old.

Blackadder is a 15!

I used to watch it and love it on TV when I was 12....

I would wait until 15/16 for Monty Python

Probably right but they won't be talking to me by then so want to impose myself on them while they are still listening.

maybe 12?


bit of Geoff norcott? sort of a follow on from little red hen


My 4 year old loves Bill Hicks.  It was important they saw Hicks before Denis Leary.



mine like Modern Family but there are occasional sexy epsiodes / refs which are toe curling (for me)

I was watching Kenny Everett with my parents age 5 and loving it although my granny was apparently bit startled when I started regaling her with one sketch.  I think your kids are probably quite old enough for Blackadder.

I remember asking the babysitter what was funny about Mrs Slocombe saying "get your hands off my pussy". She had an excellent response based on situational comedy, and great props to her for a swift and straight-faced answer

I would never expose kids to Monty Python on the basis that is is shite. I would expect them to watch The Thick of It as political education around 13. 

Might pass on that bananman. Have no desire to be hauled into school to explain why my 11 year old son has told his teacher that he is ass useless as a marzipan dildo.

I showed my nipper (8) goonies last night whilst the mrs was on a con call.  He fucking loved it.  I reckon that's 84/85 so I'd have been 7 or 8 when I first saw it.

Blackadder - tick from when they were tiny

Monty Python (Life of Brian) - tick (tbf I had them listening to the songs when they were wee nippers)

Friends (tick but not really interested tbh)

Simpsons - tickmax, they all love this

South park - this is where the purported adult in my head says no (the actual 41 year old child says YES FFS YES)

The British Board of Film Nazis is run exclusively by people like 3dux.  Takke their advice at your peril.  If they have ever seen children, it is not in a good way.

Yes, I'm not interested in what the BBFC say. Back in the 80's a mere glimpse of a tit would get a 15 rating.

Have done Rick and Morty and Simpsons but not South Park. Not sure of my logic there. Think they would be bored by Friends.

Have u tried ghostbusters?  I managed to get "don't cross the streams" into a presentation to some hedge fund types the other week

Done Ghostbusters, Goonies, Big, Dragnet and they have seen lots of others as there is a weekly film club at school. I know they would love the League of Gentlemen - same thing re the 44 year old child in my head, but the adult in me says wait.


actually I think the BBFC generally get it right

I think things are a bit more puritanical now tbh. Would Back to the Future get a PG these days?

I think my kids would be terrified by Ghostbusters. Even though the younger one has the entire Playmobil range

What's non PG about BTTF?  Maybe the whole Oedipus thing.  Or the plutonium.

Guess it's the incest thing. Bit dodge tbf. Gr8 film to.

attempted rape, lots of innuendo, incest theme etc

tbf a lot of it is implied but the BBFC seem to look more at overall vibe rather than 'gasp! a breast!


All of kids' TV is full of innuendo to keep the adults watching it vaguely sane so not sure innuendo in a film stops it being PG.

an example

Legally Blonde is a 12. Showed it to 10 year old who was doing one of the songs from the musical version in a show. Cringed a bit at the sexual content but okay.

6 year old wanders in while we were watching it. Thought it would all go over her head, so fine.

Forgot about the 'bend...and snap' which she loved and has been recreating in the school playground, much to my mortification

I remember the first time I ever watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I must have been about 12 or 13 and I laughed so hard. It was eye opening for me. My parents never watched anything like that (as an example, full disclosure: I only saw my first episode of Only Fools and Horses about 3 weeks ago!)

I don't think it does. My parents just aren't comedy people (well maybe just inadvertently; Mr Dusty had to stay with them last night as he's flying off for work today and they are near Heathrow, and my Mum asked him if he'd parked in such a way to ensure no one stole his catalytic converter. I am still laughing at that). 

"I only saw my first episode of Only Fools and Horses about 3 weeks ago"


My parents never watched stuff like that either. I actually introduced the Monty Python films to my dad 

Got in a reasonable amount of trouble for playing my daughter (5) the ‘I Like Chinese’ song by Monty Python. She thought it was hilarious and taught all of her friends....

Mine liked Monty Python and Blackadder, although I first came across it at the local video shop (And Now for Something Completely Different - wasn't old enough to get the others out).

My kids loved BTTF - they just thought it was a bit icky that his Mum was trying to kiss him. We are watching Stranger Things at the moment and they think it is great. Get a little bit scared at points but not in a way that makes us think that it's too much.

Try Family Guy.

They could always watch Boris Johnson and the Tory fascist party on the news. Ex-SS Obersturmfuhrer Francois is a cartoon character who lives under a pillar box and is the sidekick of Dangermouse.

Am sure I watched Blackadder around the age of 7. Ditto carry on films. I genuinely found them funny but clearly did not understand why (I think the audience laughter track must be quite influential on kids).

But not powerful enough to make only fools and horses funny.

So we did The Holy Grail. Went down very well and now my kids are telling me that they will bite my legs off.

Yay! Were they embarrassed by the Castle Anthrax not?

Kids (6 and 9) really like Blackadder and Fawlty Towers. They certainly miss some of the humour but wet themselves over Baldrick and Manuel.

For kiddie programmes that are genuinely funny Little Lunch and Loud House (both on Netflix) are both excellent. 

Been watching 80s stuff recently with mine (10 and 12). Ferris Bueller, Bill and Ted etc. They love them, and have started quoting from them which cracks me up.

I remember illicitly watching Basic Instinct when about 10. No harm done. The idea of worrying about whether a comedy has a few sex references... fuck that. You're just imposing hang ups on your kids if you do that, teaching them they can't discuss with you things that they already know about.

If they like python, they will love horrible histories.  Fck it, I love horrible histories.

They love Horrible Histories. Quite weird watching the movie as loads of it was shot at a living archaeology place we have been going to for years.

They were fine with the Castle Anthrax bit - the oral sex reference went straight over their heads. Think they call it something else.