The key to being a successful woman in today’s business environment?

You need to be a seven out of ten on the attractiveness scale.


So true tho.  Men are fine, thank god, but no one wants to do business with an uggo woman.

Do business with other women, then it doesn't matter 

"You need to be a seven out of ten on the attractiveness scale."




or bollocks made up by jerno to get a reaction and some hits on her article by outraged 6 out of 10s



Heh. What wibble said tbf, I was just fette baiting.  It’s bollocks clergs.

well the article suggests that women don't like beautiful women either, linda

for me a problem only arises when they are exhausting with it

Chippy women don't like beautiful women.

But then chippy people don't like very much at all tbf.

Dux, to be fair, you like your women so mature that you'd have to dig some of them up to have a go.


Not that that would deter an assiduously deviant mallard such as yourself, I'm sure.

I used to have a trainee who was very hot but had a really deep, chavvy mannish voice

it was very dissonant

no way I would not want to be on her enemies list


I think she takes an extremely flattering photo

which is a skill in itself

come on she looks quite attractive she's just unbearably smug

ok that strikes me as a bit ridiculous

she is definitely more attractive than average and average is not very attractive

it's a human scale not a supermodels scale

but I am inclined to deduct a point for being pleased with herself, as I say

Why not "what Dux said about chippy people"? It's undeniably true.

I think some women are uncomfortable around beautiful women because it makes them feel abd about themselves

it's not necessarily chippiness so much as almost unconscious bias

100% honestly, I would prefer a normal looking assistant to a stunna (although that would only be relevant if they had equally lol personalities)

She's just above average (if average is a 5).  Not a classic beauty or even strikingly exotic.  Just "pretty".  Which gets you a 6.5.  Sorry, but them's the rules.

I wouldn't have a problem spaffing all over her. 

Would not want to spend an evening chatting after tho. 




Exactly - it's all subjective, innit?  Personally I wouldn't bother sleeping with someone I didn't enjoy talking to. I'm just not wired that way.  Not many anonymous notches on my bedpost, I'm afraid.

"I wouldn't have a problem spaffing all over her"


With charming badinage like that, it's a dead cert surely?

Not really, Anna.  I'm just being honest.  And as we've said, it's entirely subjective.  Plus I don't really go for blondes.  With one or two exceptions.

See I woudl have a beer with Clergs or Anna and chat. No spaffing - unless they asked nicely. 

average is giantly fat and angry and working in a law firm, soz


I thought emjay was blonde for some reason

wibble - is first round on you??

I've long held the view that you'll rarely find an unpleasant looking chap/lady in the front office teams of professional services (banking/law/accountancy etc etc).  tax and pensions obviously are a rule unto themselves


(obviously as people get older and let themselves go, things can change a bit, but by then they're established)



Then we're working on different bases here, Clergs.  I would describe "average" as - say - Steph McGovern.  Not flawless, not without imperfections, but not unattractive either.  Certainly not a hideous chundermunter.

Personally I wouldn't bother sleeping with someone I didn't enjoy talking to. I'm just not wired that way.  Not many anonymous notches on my bedpost, I'm afraid.

Same, actually.

Although in one memorable case I discovered I enjoyed talking to the person after we had already slept together.

See I woudl have a beer with Clergs or Anna and chat. No spaffing - unless they asked nicely. 

Yes to the beer. No thank you to the spaffing.

MJJ is indeed blonde.  She's one of the exceptions.

the average woman is a size 16/18

the average man has a 38 inch waist

So yes, Steph McGovern then.  Size 16/18 is not fat.

A 38 inch waist may be fat, depending on proportionality to rest of the man.  If I had one, I'd be fat (I don't - I'm 33", but then I'm 6'1" and 12.5 stones).  If I was 6'4 and heavily muscled (which, alas, I am not), a 34" waist would be malnourished.

16/18 is, with respect, pretty chunky.  My girlfriend is a size 6.  So maybe my opinion differs as a result of that, but seriously I don’t think I’ve ever dated anyone over a size 14 at the very outside.

Size 16/18 is fat, medically speaking, for any height that a woman is liekly to be.

Hmm.  I’m a 34 but I’m six two and 14.5ish stone. 

That, again, depends, Teclis.  Size 16 on a 5'10" woman is not necessarily chunky.  Size 6 is the preserve of smack addicts, final stage alchoholics and supermodels.

I reckon about 1bn women are a size 6 and not in any way unhealthy

There you go, Tecco.  In proportion.


Clergs, possibly, but that depends on body type and weird things like hip and bust measurements.  But would you describe Venus Williams as fat for example?  Amazonian, yes, but not fat.

Is Steph McGovern that lady off BBC Breakfast with the appalling voice?

I seriously doubt venus williams is even close to an 18

but even if she were, her body is an elite athlete body

a woman of 5 ten would need a lot of body fat to wear that size

Great knockers tho.  I’m so gleeful about the fact that she’s tiny but got huge boobies.  *sighs wistfully*

You see?  So just as small framed women may be size 6 and not anorexic, larger framed women may easily be size 16 and not be fat.  So a 6' woman who was size 6 wold be worryingly thin.  The same woman who was a size 16 would be curvy, but not fat.

I'm average height (possibly slightly taller) and with a BMI of 19 I would be a size 6, whereas with a BMI of 25 I would be a size 12.

I know because I've been both.

That's not how clothes work tho

A thin six foot woman could not wear a size 18 it would hang weirdly around her like a mattress valance

Nah size 16 is just fatass territory.  Not terminally so, easy to shift a bit of that blub but it’s right on that line where people stop being curvy or voluptuous and move into Dawn French territory. 

Not for me Clive!

Totally disagree with this

Attractiveness is a definite disadvantage in law or accountancy

Too much jealousy and dissonance  

I realise that.  But a curvy 6 foot woman could quite easily wear a size 16, yes?  I'm talking Kelly Brook type curvy.

I'm sure Kelly Brook is no bigger than a size 12.

I would say it is highly unlikely to be that clothes size and not clinically overweight

You might also be a hottie (going back to o the main topic) but the average person also has a grey and depressing face

I happen to know something about this lol.  Ahem.  Her weight issue has caused her size to bounce around down from an 8 up to a 14.  

Yes, but Kelly Brook is nowhere near 6' tall is she?


I doubt that the average person has a grey and depressing face!

According to Google, Kelly Brook is the same height as me and I looked quite chubby at size 12.

The average person definitely does what is wrong with you do you go about with some sort of filter on??

Look it’s super unlikely a girl is going to be in proportion no matter her height at size 16.  That is well into muumuu wearing land.

Most people's faces are grey and depressing tbf, at least commuters


You should hear what she has to say about you, Judy.  I was shocked - she kisses her mother with that mouth?!!


Can't say I've noticed that most people's faces are grey and depressing.  Then again, I've not really taken time to observe.  You could be right, but I doubt it.  Otherwise the human race would be extinct by now.

People paid to have sex with rose west so

Check yr hypothesis and try again

McGovern has something of a trans look about her.

At most a 5, but without make-up/first thing in the morning is veering towards a 3.5

how do you know what she looks like first thing in the morning?!

I’ve just looked this person up.  Steph is obviously short for Stephen.

Have you seen that big jutting jaw and huge mannish hands?

The key to being a successful woman in today’s business environment?

Stop wibbling about being a "succesful woman" and just start thinking about being a "succesful person"

This is a good article, it's quite realistic about the way things work without being overly resentful.

I do think the attractiveness thing holds fairly true for men too though. Men often age into being ugly fuckers, but guys who look like the back end of a bus are rarely getting the plum front office type roles.

Silicon Valley is maybe a bit different because they're so desperate for the skills that basically anyone that has them can get in. 

Duxy you might remember this. I'll say it again:

I'm fucking stunning and it never did me any harm.