That Kenyan Airlines stowaway

Bleurghhh. Grim.

Glad I've moved as from my old flat I'd see the planes going over and lowering their landing gear...

I suspect the stowaway would have been crushed by the landing gear just after takeoff. Cant believe the desperation! 

Not deliberately trying to be provocative, and it's definitely not rhetorical--I am not sure how I feel about it--but just curious as to how we feel about whether there are differences between:


- This guy

- The Syrian toddler who washed up on the shore

- The father and daughter who drowned in the Rio Grande

Pretty horrendous. Must’ve been dead long before impact though?

Syria is an active war zone so can totally understand people going to extreme lengths to escape.  Kenya and Central America are corrupt and have poor economies and their share of problems but the situation is rather less extreme than Syria.

This guy = grown up who took deliberate decision to climb onto an aircraft

Alan Kurdi and Angie Valeria = children without agency who died because their parents chose to risk their lives.


The biology is quite interesting, if macabre. Little oxygen at that height and temperatures of -50. Some do make it with little more than frostbite. Their bodies must go into some sort of suspended animation. 

The guy who fell from the plane - his body remained intact on impact because it was frozen solid. People who try to stow away in a plane’s landing gear always freeze to death afaik.   Terrible and tragic. 

I thought a witness said that blood was splattered all over the walls of the garden he fell into?

God forbid that someone give an overly lurid description to get their 15 seconds of fame.

Crushed by landing gear, die through lack of oxygen or cold (-70 degrees), fall out on landing or a combination of the above.  Don’t hitch a ride on plane wheels, folks.

Imagine dying South of the river (beats living there of course). Poor bloke.

Incredibly grim and tragic. Raises some pretty serious questions about airport security in Kenya as well. 

I hear KA were doing a pilot programme for Ryanair. Extra 5kg hand luggage if you travel in the landing gear and priority boarding.